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Jakarta, Indonesia - In a group discussion Conducted by XL Axiata Axis Capital Group Telekom , people Believed That The most Asian people have reasons to use Their mobile phones. Here is a list of some of the Asian Reasons Why People Have the highest users of mobile smart phones and What They Do With It.


1.       Social Networking

- According To Nielsen Survey, this is the MOST common reason why people Have Their smart phones. Social networking Refers to the use of online platforms That focus on building social networks across the world, Allowing users to share common Interests, notifications of events and activities or even daily thoughts. The popularity of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ has grown exponentially in Recent times and shows no sign of slowing down true. The most frequent users are, logically, young generation.                     


2.       Taking Photos

- This is now the trend in the society: taking selfies and groufies. Women Tend to use the camera's special features More Often than men. Smartphone users Have long Utilized the special features of cameras in smart phones and mobile phones manufacturers incorporated Have esta long feature in every smart phone.                     


3.       Web Browsing

- According To the survey, 78.6% of all web users browse on Their phones. In Asia, wireless or Wi-Fi infidelity is the mainstream to access the internet. Some network companies: such as Axis XL Axiata Provide promotions and / or unlimited internet surfing for Their prepaid subscribers.         


4.       Send SMS

- Easier conversation in sending SMS is obviously one of the advantages of Reviews having a smart phone, Especially in Asia That it is more convenient for people to text rather than calling. , Although sending SMS has-been waning over the years, 92% still says That They still are into texting. Most scams Also come in a form of a text, Claiming to be a distant relative and there are still a few people fall under WHO esta fraud.         


5.       Alarm Clock

- Interestingly, there are a lot of people WHO USES Their smartphones to set their alarm. Increasing number of users has Respond to this mobile feature. Gone were the days of the usual alarm clock. A smart phone Already have That kind of feature.         

With more and more people using smart phones and more and more features added to it every time a new model comes out, it would not be a shocker When They invent the next one would have any available portable refrigerator in it. Who knows? That May happen.