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  • Book Business English CICT

    By writing is meant to anyone writing the facts which were written and performed by a person. The wording can be in many different ways and with many different styles depending on the type of information you want to describe, at the time, the space, the public and many other things. The act of writing is, in other words, to write down something that was experienced or something you want to say. Writing is an essential part of writing. While writing the term usually relates to artistic literature, every act of writing involves writing long sentences and ideas when armed with words or [...]
  • English (PLUS) Professional Language User Solutions - BOOK #2 - THE SEVEN POWERS OF SILENCE IN BUSINESS

    It is wise to understand the role and usage of"silence" in the business world.  It is comprised of sevenunique powers that can help you achieve business success.  The secret,however, is to know how and when to use these powers in order to accomplishyour goals and objectives.It is curious to observe that most people areuncomfortable with silence, and find it especially difficult to use and putinto business practice.  Since we live in a world of noises and constantaudible distractions, the idea of silence almost seems non-existent. Think about this for a second.When are you actually [...]
  • English (PLUS) Professional Language User Solutions - BOOK #1 - HOW TO ESTABLISH A JOB PRIORITY LIST OF WORK TASKS

    BOOK #1:HOW TO ESTABLISH A JOB PRIORITY LIST OF WORK TASKS (This is serious business!)If you already have your ownsystem of establishing a priority list for your professional tasks, thencompare it with the suggested system above in order to determine if you canachieve even more success in your business.  If you do not use a system ofprioritizing your job tasks, then maybe you will give it serious considerationafter having read this article.  By choosing a time managementsystem that helps you accomplish your job tasks on time and in their order ofimportance, you will greatly enhance more [...]
  • English (PLUS) Professional Language User Solutions - BOOK #5 - PROFESSIONALS POSSESS "C:OW P:OWER" (What the heck is that?)

    BOOK #5 - PROFESSIONALS POSSESS "C:OW  P:OWER" (What the heck is that?)This might sound strange at first, but it is true if you understand what the meaning of "C:OW P:OWER" is from a business world perspective.  The question here is about the meaning of a non-existent word called "cowpower".  We are not talking about real cows, nor the power that they possess.  No, this is something entirely different as it relates to "professional people".We are talking about "professionals" who possess something called "C:OW P:OWER".  Before we examine the meaning of this new acronym, we need [...]
  • English (PLUS) Professional Language User Solutions - BOOK #3 - BRAINSONALITY (Brain + Personality): The Distinguishing Characteristics of Second Language Learners

    If you learn another language which you use on aregular basis, and which influences your daily life, you will eventuallyacquire "brainsonality".  Changes in your behavior and thinkingwill take place based on the nature of the new language that you use.  Youwill experience personality changes that are in line with the cultural rules ofthat language.  These distinguishing characteristics can be seen betweenunilingual and bilingual (or multilingual) language users."Brainsonality" can give a second languageuser advantages over a person who only speaks one language, especially in thearea [...]
  • English (PLUS) Professional Language User Solutions - BOOK #4 - MIRROR, MIRROR, ON THE WALL, WHO IS THE DIFFICULT PERSON OF THEM ALL?

    When dealing with a difficult person, it is important to identify what you mean when you say that someone else is difficult to work with.  It is not always easy to identify who the difficult one is.  However, it is easy to point a finger at another person and declare them as the "difficult" person.  Sometimes after some self-reflection, you might discover that the person who is really being difficult is you yourself.  If this happens to be the case, then the solution to the problem of working with a difficult person can be resolved sooner, especially since it is "you" who can make [...]

    SPEAKING ACTIVITIES: GENERAL ENGLISH AND ENGLISH FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES is designed to help students with different learning needs and aims to improve their English dealing with common communicative tasks. Moreover, the format of the activities is also helpful to those students of EOIs who want to achieve the B1 level successfully. This book covers some of the topics  suitable for VET students: International Business.Good luck and I hope you enjoy this book!ESTEFANIA PEDROS MAS
  • WINNER OR LOSER: Everything you need to know to invest in International Stock Exchange... and something else

    The book that all investors should read. You have available a book that can change your perception about the world of the International Stock Exchange, where, in addition to know some of the secrets in the "world of investments" without need for technical knowledge on Stock Exchange or Economy, you can experience the possibility of increasing the profitability of their savings, using a simple "system" applied directly to examples of international companies.
  • 3rd International Conference of Biodigital Architecture and Genetics

    Publication that compiles the papers presented at the 3rd International Conference of Biodigital Architecture & Genetics.Publicación que recopila los papers presentados en la 3rd International Conference of Biodigital Architecture & Genetics.Genetic Architectures Research Group & OfficeESARQ, la School of Architecture de la UIC Barcelona (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya).
  • Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Mining Social Media

    This book contains the proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Mining Social Media held in Sevilla (Spain), November 9th 2009, co-located with CAEPIA 2009, the 13th Conference of the Spanish Association for Artificial Intelligence.The Mining Social Media workshop aims to bring practitioners but also researchers with a specific focus on the application of existent or novel Data Mining techniques into the field of Social Media. We encourage the submission of experimental papers where Data Mining techniques are applied into existent Social Media, but also more theoretical papers that [...]

    22 digital prints of photographs taken at 22 original created by Sergi Peragón. 22 láminas impresas digitalmente extraídas de 22 originalescreados por Sergi Peragón
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