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  • English (PLUS) Professional Language User Solutions - BOOK #3 - BRAINSONALITY (Brain + Personality): The Distinguishing Characteristics of Second Language Learners

    If you learn another language which you use on aregular basis, and which influences your daily life, you will eventuallyacquire "brainsonality".  Changes in your behavior and thinkingwill take place based on the nature of the new language that you use.  Youwill experience personality changes that are in line with the cultural rules ofthat language.  These distinguishing characteristics can be seen betweenunilingual and bilingual (or multilingual) language users."Brainsonality" can give a second languageuser advantages over a person who only speaks one language, especially in thearea [...]

    Programación didáctica completa con todos los elementos requeridos en las oposiciones de Educación secundaria especialidad Inglés; así como en la práctica diaria de clase. Está compuesta por las 15 unidades didácticas necesarias para desarrollar un curso escolar completo.    
  • Modern History in English. CLIL Materials for "Bachillerato" Students

    Thisbook is divided into nine units that can be applied either as an optionalsubject in high school, or if possible, within the subjects of History of the ModernWorld, History of Spain in “Bachillerato” or Social Sciences in 4th ESO. For4th ESO it would be necessary to adapt slightly some explanations. As thecontent of the units and proposed activities are very wide, it can be adaptedto different school planning schedules. The first two units are composed ofvarious items that can be simplified or extended, according to needs. Teacherscan choose the exercises from each unit that most [...]
  • English (PLUS) Professional Language User Solutions - BOOK #4 - MIRROR, MIRROR, ON THE WALL, WHO IS THE DIFFICULT PERSON OF THEM ALL?

    When dealing with a difficult person, it is important to identify what you mean when you say that someone else is difficult to work with.  It is not always easy to identify who the difficult one is.  However, it is easy to point a finger at another person and declare them as the "difficult" person.  Sometimes after some self-reflection, you might discover that the person who is really being difficult is you yourself.  If this happens to be the case, then the solution to the problem of working with a difficult person can be resolved sooner, especially since it is "you" who can make [...]
  • English (PLUS) Professional Language User Solutions - BOOK #5 - PROFESSIONALS POSSESS "C:OW P:OWER" (What the heck is that?)

    BOOK #5 - PROFESSIONALS POSSESS "C:OW  P:OWER" (What the heck is that?)This might sound strange at first, but it is true if you understand what the meaning of "C:OW P:OWER" is from a business world perspective.  The question here is about the meaning of a non-existent word called "cowpower".  We are not talking about real cows, nor the power that they possess.  No, this is something entirely different as it relates to "professional people".We are talking about "professionals" who possess something called "C:OW P:OWER".  Before we examine the meaning of this new acronym, we need [...]
  • Ebook: Data, all about Big Data ecosystem (English)

    Big Data and Data are two of the hottest words in the innovation ecosystem and entrepreneurship. In this paper, BBVA Innovation Center show how it is evolving trend.The use of data and analysis to predict trends and behaviors is already among us and promises to stay long.This trend gets practice in different areas: social, economic or political. You can free download this paper. It analyzed at what point is being made in the world Data and we show a case study, with a collection of practical examples, a masterclass current Chief Data Scientitst White House and with interviews responsible [...]
  • Currículo integrado hispano-británico para educación infantil y orientaciones para su desarrollo = Spanish-English infante integrated curriculum

    El programa bilingüe del Convenio MEC/British Council, nació en 1996 como una experiencia única dentro del sistema educativo estatal español. Los primeros grupos de niños finalizaron la etapa de Educación Secundaria Obligatoria en 2008. El acuerdo formal entre el Ministerio de Educación y el British Council plantea como objetivo del programa proporcionar a niños desde los 3 hasta los 16 años una educación bilingüe y bi-cultural a través de un currículo integrado español/inglés, basado en el currículo español y en el national curriculum para [...]
  • OBEDIENCE TO LAW. A panacea for nation building

    This book is purposely written to provide vital information/facts on the need for obeying law. It is a guide for the public especially the leadership to have the basic knowledge of what the law is all about for one to keep abreast with what the law requires towards building a prosperous nation. It is a civic responsibility for one to have basic knowledge of the law, and the need for obeying law.
  • Diccionario visual de inglés

    Español:Diccionario Visual de Inglés especial para Kindle.Contiene bonitas imágenes con términos frecuentes en inglés. El diccionario visual se encuentra dividido por temas: animales, comida, música, tecnología y transportes. Más de doscientos términos con sus correspondientes imágenes que convertirán el Kindle en un diccionario visual increíble.English:Special English Visual Dictionary for Kindle.It contains beautiful images with frequent terms in English. The visual dictionary is divided by themes: animals, food, music, technology and transportation. More [...]

    Over the years I have read hundreds of information products about earning money on the Internet. I still purchase and read information products on a regular basis because I am always curious to see how I can make more money online.The problem I have with a lot of “make money on the Internet” kind of information products is that many of them bombard you with information and ideas but don't really put it all together in a way that you can take action on. Instead they leave you to sift through all of the information they provide you with. For most people who read these kind of [...]

    The title of the theme that we proposed for the accomplishment of one more work concerns this important question of: "To be or not to be a writer", obviously was inspired by the celebrated phrase in English "To be or not to be is the question" Of the famous English writer William Shakespeare. So we initially consider that to be a writer of prestige or become a writer with some fame and respect can be something so significant and extraordinary that happened to be a wish or a dream of many, however, few reach this level so desired; However paradoxically may mean nothing or nothing to those who [...]
  • Preparation Course for B1 Level

    Preparation Course for B1 Level is aimed at giving an essential preparation for Cambridge Preliminary English Test, following the indications for the B1 Level given in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It touches every language skill (with the exception of listening). IMPORTANT NOTE: If you notice a grammatical mistake, do not doubt to contact with me so that it can be corrected for the next edition. 
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