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  • BBVA Innovation Edge. Cryptocurrencies (English)

    Virtual currencies: a future that is present and past. The great novelty of these currencies is its technological development, the way money changes hands: the intermediary disappears.
  • English Exercises Intermediate (B1-B2)

    Este cuaderno de ejercicios te ayudará a consolidar la gramática y expresiones que has aprendido para la obtención del nivel B1 y te ayudará a darte cuenta de tus puntos débiles cuando estés estudiando para el nivel B2.Si simplemente quieres mejorar tu nivel de inglés, los ejercicios aquí propuestos te ayudarán a conocer los puntos gramaticales que necesitas reforzar y conocerás nuevas expresiones necesarias para que tu inglés suene más natural.Los ejercicios tipo test te ayudarán con la gramática, las traducciones te harán pensar y mejorarán tu [...]
  • Ebook: Professionals and startups (English)

    What kind of professional profiles are startups looking for on their way to success? This paper analyzes the demands of companies that trust ​​for digital marketing, programmers and highlight the figure of business angels. The secrets of business angels, the time for a new digital marketing strategy... How to prepare yourself to be a competitive developer? An interview with Maria Benjumea... This paper analyzes professional profiles among the startup ecosystem. 
  • Ebook: financial inclusion (English)

    Bancarization, as in the process towards the financial inclusion of all of the population, remains a key instrument to boost development in many countries. Only six out of 10 adults have an account in a financial institution. According to the WB, the impulse of bancarization or financial inclusión is a consequence of the economic growth of a country.There are development gaps between countries, and gender gaps between people everywhere, but mostly on those countries with less financial tradition. In this ebook all the progress in the field is analyzed through interviews, studies and an [...]
  • Ebook: Design Thinking (English)

    Design Thinking method pretends to face the difficulties of running a business in the same way that designers face their design problems. This paper analyze one of the trends that will change the way of thinking at work. Should we change the way we act when we face with the problems that arise at work or when new projects are launched? Creativity and empathy are the keys to Design Thinking methodology. In this paper all points of view are discussed in interviews, reports,videos and in-depth analysis of the new trend.
  • Ebook: Virtual Reality (English)

    Total immersion in a world increasingly within your reach. Virtual reality has outgrown its sci-fi dream status to become an innovative trend on which companies are increasingly betting on. “It helps the decision-making process in a world that doesn’t exist yet.” This is one of the core values of virtual reality, the trend that has seen many companies accross different sectors, from architecture to communications, place a bet on it. It is no longer a matter of videogames.The Innovation Trends Series analyzes VR to get to know the obstacles it has overcome in its evolution, [...]
  • Ebook: entrepreneurial ecosystem in Colombia (English)

    Colombia is a country to entrepreneurship. In this new paper by Fintech Serie by Innovation Edge, we analyze how the entrepreneurial ecosystem and how this country is developing, what they need their startups and sectors.
  • BBVA Innovation Edge. APIS (English)

    To show new trends, to anticipate emerging technologies and to analyze specific questions which could affect the financial sector. You can see out latest number about APIs.It's here the new issue of BBVA Innovation Edge! Everyone APIs at your disposal, so you can realize the full potential that it can give you.If you want to learn how to take advantage of the data and services of others, commitment to the APIs.
  • Ebook: Innovation Trends 2016 (English)

    Mobile payments, robots, virtual reality and the Internet of Things aspire to become the stars in the new year. This paper analyzes the technological advances expected in the coming months.Are we heading to the end of cash? Will robots replace us in the job ? What are the latest developments in the world of virtual reality and the Internet of Things? This paper analyzes the trends that will be protagonists in 2016. 
  • Ebook: P2P Finance, an alternative ecosystem (English)

    P2P financial systems are becoming more common in our economy. For this reason, in this ebook we would like to provide you with the keys to a better understanding this ecosystem. The P2P financial market is booming around the world. With growth of 111%, it has become something more than an alternative: in 2012 it handled more than 2,099 million euros in over one million projects, according to the latest report by the consultancy firm Massolution.For this reason, we wanted to analyze all the agents that are part of this alternative funding ecosystem.
  • Ebook: Personal Financial Management (PFM) (English)

    The digital user increasingly demands managing its own finances through a smartphone. Seamlessly, efficiently and instantly. This paper analyzes one of the trends that is shifting the course of traditional financial management. What are users looking for to manage their money? Do PFM tools offer the technological novelty and imaginative approach they ask for to sail thorugh the world of finance?In this paper the PFM tools trend is analyzed in interviews, reports and descriptions of said tools.
  • Ebook: Crowdfunding, a financial alternative (English)

    Crowdfunding is much more than a financial alternative P2P (peer to peer), is the application of collaborative model in the financial field. Therefore, from BBVA Innovation Center we have prepared this paper we analyze the trend of financial innovation that are taking advantage of both entrepreneurs and investors.Collaboration in social and economic fields are taking a new dimension hand internet and use of new technologies. And in the financial market are also starring innovations sector.In this ebook, we explain crowdfunding platforms, the keys to success of this financial trend, but also [...]
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