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    El mejoramiento de la calidad de vida humana que es un factor importante dentro de la nuestra sociedad, porque hoy en día se no apostamos en varios cambios como en la dinámica de los procesos de urbanización, en el crecimiento de la población en general, la búsqueda del bienestar entra en escena un concepto revolucionario y con él toda una mueva gama de elementos para entender el progreso al final del algunos siglos anteriores.
  • Número 1: El primer franquismo

    Este primer número de La Albolafia: Revista de Humanidades y Cultura, esta dedicado a los inicios del franquismo y la configuración del régimen. Ademas, en la sección de miscelánea el lector podrá encontrar otros interesantes artículos sobre diversos temas históricos.http://www.albolafia.com/numcomplet.html

    Every human being is endowed with the privilege to make your own and personal choice, this gift called "free will" is designed by God when the Lord formed man in the Garden of Eden with his own hands, because of this human beings are endowed with this gift of free choice, so everyone has the opportunity or many opportunities to make their decisions in choosing their paths to be trodden during its existence.
  • Children And Pupils Story Book

     Straightforwardly speaking, this short story book tells us most of the attitudes of human beings. It’s revealed most human character, and undoubtedly demonstrates the society in which we live. In fact, the story comprises four short stories, which are traditions to children and pupils.  In fact, lots of truths will be deriving when reading this story book, because it teaches children and pupils lots of lessons. Yes, the four short stories unquestionably achieved a satisfy end.
  • The Axiological Crisis at the Heart of All of the Crises That Afflict Our World How to handle It

    Given the human and scientific importance of Corbi’s proposal of rational postulation of the absolute dimension, it is of scientific interest to detect basic points of agreement in regard to this issue amongst other authors, even if the agreement is not total. This is particularly true when such agreement is found in scientific approaches conceived of and carried out with very different aims and focuses, such as the structural analysis of praxis undertaken by philosopher Antonio González. Not only is it of scientific interest but, as is usually the case in such instances, it is also a [...]
  • An Alien Invasion

    We are all surrounded by aliens, no doubt ... But they all seem like human being, though they are not humans any more ...

    A limpia (“cleansing”, in the Spanish language) is a physical–symbolic method, used in the Mesoamerican traditional medical practices, to reach a new balance. The verb «to clean» means «make something or someone free of dirt, mess or defects». When what is removed is visible, the result of “cleaning” is an objective fact; when, however, the alteration, the defect, the block inside the person is symbolic (“energetic”), the limpia becomes an act of faith, a physical ritual that is a step away from the sacred or the traditional. In fact, according [...]
  • The uterus to seminal straight dornajo

    The only source from which flows the creation of human nature apartspiritual conjecture remains uterine nucleus, one that throbslike a heart from the moment a woman is sexually aroused. inthat peak the uterus descends to become visible to the outside infull climax. Inculturas just some is considered that the uterus thatmoves like a fish is typical of a lewd and sinful women.
  • The kid Silverhair

    the story a homage to the power of love unify and transforms crosswise of the soul human ( represented for silverhair´s lady friends ) As well as whoever you touch silverhair you would become a beautiful animal,I did not grasp it would happen with the villans that would be left once crossbreeds were turned into and ugly animals
  • The Measuring Tape - A Civics Book of Catholic Principles and Common Sense

    What is more powerful, good or evil – and why?  What are the risks in voting for the ‘lesser of two evils”?  In what way are men equal, and in what way are they not?   When is it useful to vote – and when not?  What are the three kinds of human liberty – and what are their limits?   Why doesn’t the use of free will guarantee human liberty?  If I can’t give myself authority to rule over you, is it possible to give it to another person, or to a group of people, so they can rule over you?  What roll does the “consent of the [...]
  • Moments, Letters from India

    It is an existential, intimate book, of easy reading and spontaneous humor, which shares with the reader the experience and emotions of a woman who, at the age of fifty five, after having remained inside a cardinalate with all his decisive life, decides to realize a trip alone to another side of the world: to the India, country that as tourist she had visited already in other occasions and of which she had stayed prendada. She takes this decision because she knows that to reach the fullness is necessary to assume risks, to measure forces, to know her own limits. Beyond social conventions, of [...]

    This work presented now consists of a collection of activities of two of the four official disciplines of the masters course of which the author participated as a special student at the Federal University of Bahia, in the Faculty of Philosophy and Human Sciences of the Center for Afro-Oriental Studies - CEAO for a total of approximately two hundred and twenty hours on Ethnic and African Studies disciplines.
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  • Adrian Human (adrianhuman)

    Adrián Humán, nació en un pequeño pueblecito de la Costa Brava, en Girona, España. Acudió a la escuela Municipal y a los 13 años le dieron el Certificado de Estudios Primarios.A los 14 años entró a trabajar como aprendiz en un taller de lampistería. A pesar de trabajar, no abandono los estudios, y en sus ratos libres realizo cursos por correspondencia, y en otras ocasiones acudió a centros de enseñanza y de esta forma adquirió los conocimientos.Primero empezó con los de electricidad, [...]

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Guía práctica de terapia asistida con animales volumen 1: Fisioterapia con perros
Guía práctica de terapia asistida con animales volumen 1: Fisioterapia con perros
La terapia asistida con animales es un tipo de terapia que incluye a un animal como elemento nexo al tratamiento. Gracias a los animales [...] Ver libro
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