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  • Heavy Cruiser Admiral Hipper

    AMERICAN and British views on sea warfare are so similar that naval students in the two countries will agree onmany conclusions about the opening phases of the present campaign. They will agree, for example, that the present naval war is not likely to provide a major fleet action on the scale of Jutland. The German Navy's strengthin capital ships at the outbreak of war was much too low to permit it to challenge the British fleet. Against the fourteen British capital ships in existence -- though not all concentrated in the North Sea, as the Grand Fleetwas in 1914 -- Germany could oppose only [...]

    A comparison of present day religious theatre and its background, from Gteek tragedy, medieval theatre to the present.

    TURQUESAEN SOMNIS emergeix del SOMNI TURQUESA, com a continuació d'un projectepoètic nascut a la bitàcora que duu el mateix nom, SOMNI TURQUESA. Laparticipació activa en els sentiments esperançadors d'una societat quetot i estar malalta, encara és optimista i sap que hi ha remeis pertrobar la salut social, demostra que les minories també tenen veu,ferma, neta i constant. L'amor, la tendresa, l'estima, la solidaritat ila lluita contra les injustícies són l'eix vertebrador d'aquestpoemari, que no cerca més que arribar a l'ànima i la consciència delséssers [...]
  • WY NOT?

    One of the main features of the human personality that reflects the behavior in most people is a kind of dissatisfaction with certain requirements that are set by rules that are imposed as rules, regulations and laws in general, and spend be incorporated in the various areas of action or action of each person. No matter where we go or what is the place where we are, the rules and regulations will always be present. These standards are an integral part of the home, in our home in space that we occupy, are at work in companies where people carry out their activities, the rules and regulations [...]
  • FINALLY HAPPY How to Easily Forge True and Enduring Happiness

    Finally Happy How to Easily Forge True and Enduring Happiness by Foster J.Pickton is a life changing read about how you can forge a new and enduring happiness through following easy to adapt mental, behavioral and physical principles. With life growing increasingly complex it’s so easy to grow sad, angry and even depressed. However, as you will discover with Finally Happy, becoming truly happy can be achieved by bringing the mind and body together to gain enduring happiness. As author Foster J.Pickton explains, the mind is complicated and happiness is not easily achieved without [...]
  • Roots in the air (My crazy bipolar love story)

    First, I thank the moment you are taking to read the words that with all my being I gave life to for your wondering eyes. In this work, I narrate the most important chain of events of what has been my life so far, or at least all what I can remember. In the same way, I consider this story, an emotional and passionate journey that goes from my mother´s womb to the present, sailing through the seas of my memories and selecting as they present themselves, these crucial moments and beyond, in territories of peace and war; my adventures, my dreams, my clumsiness, my bliss, and [...]
  • The Gödel’s legacy: revisiting the Logic

    Some common fallacies about fundamental themes of Logic are ex- posed: the First and Second incompleteness Theorem interpretations, Chaitin’s various superficialities and the usual classification of the ax- iomatic Theories in function of its language order. KEYWORDS: Incompleteness, undecidability, semantic completeness, categoricity, randomness, Chaitin’s constant, first and second order languages, consistency.
  • A través de l'Himàlaia

    Dick Stanley i Simon Jonson sendinsen en les muntanyes de lHimlaia, volen trobar una misteriosa gruta. Viuran aventures diverses i descobriran una civilització de lEdat de Pedra perduda en una amagada vall.En aquesta novel·la el lector podr gaudir duna acció constant i de les relacions humanes que sestableixen entre els personatges que van apareixent al llarg del relat
  • Horoscope - Corrigendum

    At the request of one of the leading business magazines present corrected Horoscope for business. Appeared in print a number of errors Involving the incorrect fitting of Hitler's chart recommendations to the signs of the zodiac. So here is a list of corrections:
  • Quadern de Ciències Naturals

    Recull d'imatges, figures i fotografies sobre el cos humà i altres éssers vius del passat, el present i el futur. Format de butxaca.

    Tots menteixen, però no importa perquè ningú escolta. Aquesta és la llei de Liberman i té actualment una vigència absoluta i una aplicació constant. En què consisteix l'invent de la humanitat? On hem anat a parar? El llibre és un conjunt de reflexions i relats sobre la societat i sobre el comportament de l'ésser humà. Es tracta de núvols reals i també imaginaris d'aquella substància olorosa i penetrant que va associada al pas del temps: la crítica i la ironia. Són núvols de naftalina.
  • The economic and commercial influence of Spanish-based languages

    With the publication of this monograph, the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Business aims to remember the importance of our language in the economic field, as an element that facilitates trade relations between the twenty countries that have it as an official language. It is, doubtless, an intangible asset. At the same time, the book explores the survival of Spanish in countries where it is a minority language, as is the case of the Philippines and some areas of the Maghreb. A separate chapter deserves a less known aspect for the general public, as is the reference to Spanish-based languages [...]
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