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  • HispaBrick Magazine 022 English Edition

    New issue of our magazine about LEGO world
  • HispaBrick Magazine 016 English Edition

    Issue 016 of our magazine about the world of LEGO
  • HispaBrick Magazine 017 English Edition

    A new issue of our magazine about LEGO world
  • HispaBrick Magazine 015 English Edition

    In this issue you will find several articles related with flying machines and their history, as well as tutorials on POV-Ray, MINDSTORMS and the MILS system.Pedro Almeida explains how a disease like Muscular Dystrophy is not an impediment to enjoy LEGO.We will tell you about our experience at events like the LEGO Fan Weekend 2012 or BrickCon 2012 and there are several reviews of sets and books.We hope you will enjoy this issue and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  • Diccionario jurídico-económico Inglés/Español - Law and Economics English/Spanish Dictionary

    Este diccionario es útil para conocer la equivalencia de los términos legales y económicos más comunes en la práctica jurídica y de negocios, especialmente en documentos contractuales y judiciales, y las entradas se complementan, en ocasiones, con ejemplos de frases habituales.It is the perfect portable reference for anyone who needs legal and economical terms at their fingertips. It is designed to help anyone who needs to communicate in real-life situations where it is vital to quickly find a legal term or phrase to understand or translate a contract for example. La [...]
  • Harry Potter and the New Generation Chapter2 (English Edition).

    After 23 years of The Battle of Hogwarts, Lily, the youngest daughter of Harry that enters Hogwarts, will have to defeat Voldemort, who has mysteriously returned through another wizard. But only she knows so far. Draco has formed an army of Death Eaters, and they will fight against Hogwarts, to secure the return of Voldemort, and Hogwarts will have to struggle to not be beat. All the forces of evil together, against Hogwarts and other wizards; the battle will decide if peace continues in the wizarding world. Everything and more, in Harry Potter and the New [...]
  • Book Business English CICT

    By writing is meant to anyone writing the facts which were written and performed by a person. The wording can be in many different ways and with many different styles depending on the type of information you want to describe, at the time, the space, the public and many other things. The act of writing is, in other words, to write down something that was experienced or something you want to say. Writing is an essential part of writing. While writing the term usually relates to artistic literature, every act of writing involves writing long sentences and ideas when armed with words or [...]
  • English (PLUS) Professional Language User Solutions - BOOK #2 - THE SEVEN POWERS OF SILENCE IN BUSINESS

    It is wise to understand the role and usage of"silence" in the business world.  It is comprised of sevenunique powers that can help you achieve business success.  The secret,however, is to know how and when to use these powers in order to accomplishyour goals and objectives.It is curious to observe that most people areuncomfortable with silence, and find it especially difficult to use and putinto business practice.  Since we live in a world of noises and constantaudible distractions, the idea of silence almost seems non-existent. Think about this for a second.When are you actually [...]
  • English (PLUS) Professional Language User Solutions - BOOK #1 - HOW TO ESTABLISH A JOB PRIORITY LIST OF WORK TASKS

    BOOK #1:HOW TO ESTABLISH A JOB PRIORITY LIST OF WORK TASKS (This is serious business!)If you already have your ownsystem of establishing a priority list for your professional tasks, thencompare it with the suggested system above in order to determine if you canachieve even more success in your business.  If you do not use a system ofprioritizing your job tasks, then maybe you will give it serious considerationafter having read this article.  By choosing a time managementsystem that helps you accomplish your job tasks on time and in their order ofimportance, you will greatly enhance more [...]
  • English (PLUS) Professional Language User Solutions - BOOK #5 - PROFESSIONALS POSSESS "C:OW P:OWER" (What the heck is that?)

    BOOK #5 - PROFESSIONALS POSSESS "C:OW  P:OWER" (What the heck is that?)This might sound strange at first, but it is true if you understand what the meaning of "C:OW P:OWER" is from a business world perspective.  The question here is about the meaning of a non-existent word called "cowpower".  We are not talking about real cows, nor the power that they possess.  No, this is something entirely different as it relates to "professional people".We are talking about "professionals" who possess something called "C:OW P:OWER".  Before we examine the meaning of this new acronym, we need [...]
  • English (PLUS) Professional Language User Solutions - BOOK #3 - BRAINSONALITY (Brain + Personality): The Distinguishing Characteristics of Second Language Learners

    If you learn another language which you use on aregular basis, and which influences your daily life, you will eventuallyacquire "brainsonality".  Changes in your behavior and thinkingwill take place based on the nature of the new language that you use.  Youwill experience personality changes that are in line with the cultural rules ofthat language.  These distinguishing characteristics can be seen betweenunilingual and bilingual (or multilingual) language users."Brainsonality" can give a second languageuser advantages over a person who only speaks one language, especially in thearea [...]
  • English (PLUS) Professional Language User Solutions - BOOK #4 - MIRROR, MIRROR, ON THE WALL, WHO IS THE DIFFICULT PERSON OF THEM ALL?

    When dealing with a difficult person, it is important to identify what you mean when you say that someone else is difficult to work with.  It is not always easy to identify who the difficult one is.  However, it is easy to point a finger at another person and declare them as the "difficult" person.  Sometimes after some self-reflection, you might discover that the person who is really being difficult is you yourself.  If this happens to be the case, then the solution to the problem of working with a difficult person can be resolved sooner, especially since it is "you" who can make [...]
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Nuevo Examen DELE A2 (VERSIÓN 2020)
Nuevo Examen DELE A2 (VERSIÓN 2020)
Esta nueva edición del DELE A2 (versión 2020) ha sido actualizada para cumplir con la renovación que ha llevado a cabo el Instituto [...] Ver libro
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