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  • The Measuring Tape - A Civics Book of Catholic Principles and Common Sense

    What is more powerful, good or evil – and why?  What are the risks in voting for the ‘lesser of two evils”?  In what way are men equal, and in what way are they not?   When is it useful to vote – and when not?  What are the three kinds of human liberty – and what are their limits?   Why doesn’t the use of free will guarantee human liberty?  If I can’t give myself authority to rule over you, is it possible to give it to another person, or to a group of people, so they can rule over you?  What roll does the “consent of the [...]

    SPEAKING ACTIVITIES: GENERAL ENGLISH AND ENGLISH FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES is designed to help students with different learning needs and aims to improve their English dealing with common communicative tasks. Moreover, the format of the activities is also helpful to those students of EOIs who want to achieve the B1 level successfully. This book covers some of the topics  suitable for VET students: International Business.Good luck and I hope you enjoy this book!ESTEFANIA PEDROS MAS

    Exercising your English Grammar is a grammar reference and practice book for students who want to improve their level of English. Explanations of each category are very visual and easy to understand and exercises will show you how rules work and how to avoid common mistakes.
  • Ebook: Drones (English)

    Unmanned aerial vehicles revolutionize all sectors. Drones embody the combination of state-of-the-art tech and value for money, which has assured them a place in every sector and industry of the world economy. However, the society we live in, where innovation is increasingly common, doesn't seem to have caught up with the drones's ubiquity.In this paper you will be able to see to what extent do drones represent a threat or an opportunity, the maturity of common law in different countries while tackling the drone boom issue or the infinite applications of unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • Essential English Exercises

    English Exercises for flexible groups of 1ºESO: Lowest Level.
  • English Dictionary Estefalu

    The first English Dictionary made against the bigotry and for liberal persons. A dictionary is not necessarily a comprehensive compilation of words, but a rational study of a group of them, without the servile method of transcribing others’ dictionaries. What is an Estefalu’s dictionary like? Look at this work, and know how much I am advancing in my purpose of interpreting English differently...
  • A Short Course in English Linguistics

    This short course, as we can appreciate in the title, is targeted at providing a general overview of Linguistics and its relation with English. 

    Temas basicos para iniciar el proceso de aprendizaje de Ingles como segunda lengua.
  • English by mnemonics 1

    My first words, My first images, My first english. Es un cuaderno de trabajo que ha sido desarrollado para alumnas y alumnos de educación primaria con una amplia necesidad de conocer su medio que lo rodea, empleando palabras que fácilmente utilizaría en su vida diaria. Es el primero de una serie de seis cuadernos y tiene como objetivo que las niñas y los niños se diviertan construyendo imágenes y dándole un nuevo nombre para un segundo idioma. Primera impresión 10 de Agosto de 2007
  • HispaBrick Magazine 024 English

    Issue 024 of the HispaBrick Magazine. HispaBrick Magazine started in 2008 as an initiative of some Spanish AFOLs in order to preserve the best MOCs and articles that were published in their community for ‘posterity’. In addition to the warm welcome from Spanish speaking AFOLs there were many petitions to publish this magazine in English language, so we began to do an English version of the magazine. 

    A QUICK GUIDE TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR is a reference book for all students at pre-intermediate and intermediate level. It provides a visual idea of the main uses of English verbal tenses. Moreover, it also gives a classification of the most used connectors in order to help students to write accurately.

    It is a course about Technical English in Vocational Education and Training in the following fields of study: Administration and Management, Business and Marketing. Also, it promotes the integration of ICT tools in all the teaching and learning activities designed along the book.
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