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  • World Health Report 2012: No Health Without Research

    It seems astonishing that in the 21st century decisions on health care can still be made without a solid grounding in research evidence. This is true even in clinical research, whether for simple or complex interventions, where systematic reviews time and time again conclude that the evidence base is inadequate. It is even more true in the areas of health policy and health systems, where quality research is hampered further by a lack of shared definitions, a lack of consensus on guiding principles, poor capacity (especially in low-resource regions), and methodological challenges.
  • BBVA Innovation Edge. Social Business (English)

    Early social business pioneers are reporting positive benefits as they begin to confirm the opportunities promised by social technologies. In this issue we sum up the best social business case study and we analyze future opportunities around it.BBVA InnovationEdge' is the first corporate multiplatform magazine focused on innovation. Each edition featuresarticles, analysis and huge information about a particular theme. The mainpurpose of the magazine is to express the new trends and the upcomingtechnologies that may impact to the financial industry.
  • Ebook: social media banking (English)

    Increase customer loyalty and atract new clients. This is what the latest trend in the financial world and one of the strategies with the most promising projection in financial innovation -social media banking- tries to achieve. Social media banking is one of the most promising financial strategies, projection-wise. Its main goal is to communicate better with financial clients while at the same time trying to attract those customers who are less keen on using the traditional systems.This paper analyzes the first cases of implementation of this strategy, as well as the reports in which the [...]

    SPEAKING ACTIVITIES: GENERAL ENGLISH AND ENGLISH FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES is designed to help students with different learning needs and aims to improve their English dealing with common communicative tasks. Moreover, the format of the activities is also helpful to those students of EOIs who want to achieve the B1 level successfully. This book covers some of the topics  suitable for VET students: International Business.Good luck and I hope you enjoy this book!ESTEFANIA PEDROS MAS
  • The 5 Balances of Health

    The 5 Balances of Health gives the answer to the questions on how and why diseases occur, and how to anticipate them, avoid them and treat them.Dr. Marcos Mazzuka exposes his experiences made in almost forty years dedicated to the research and treatment of various diseases such as fibromyalgia, cancer, depression and autoimmune diseases, all of them analyzed in the light of scientific investigations carried out in the last few years.Cellular Regenerative Medicine emerges with strength, supported by evidence-based biochemical knowledges, in order to give a solution that can be applied by [...]
  • HEALTH, a right of the people

    The printing of this book concluded during the first days of April, 2005, when I occupied the post of Vice President of the Republic. Its presentation had been planned for April 7, World Health Day, but had to be postponed due to the political convulsion that affected the country and which culminated in the popular uprising of April 20, at which time I had to take over the Presidency of the Republic. Some 800 copies remained in storage, and only a few of these saw circulation. I have had to rewrite and bring up to date several pages, so that there is ade- quate correspondence between the [...]
  • The global burden of health inequity and the introduction to equinomics.

    This study estimates, for the first time, how the world has performed in committing to its only commom global health objective : achieving the best feasible health for all people (Aticle 1 of the constitution of the World Health Organization, adopted in 1947).It is based in the identification of countries which are healthier than average, at resource use below average (feasible models) and with carbon emmissions per capita below average (sustainable).Comparing their survival rates in each 5 year age group and sex, and from 1950 till 2010, the method allows, thorugh the adjustment of mortality [...]
  • Health and Adiccitions/Salud y Drogas, vol.12, nº2, 2012

    Health and Adicttions / Salud y Drogas tiene como objetivos promover la divulgación de resultados de investigación sobre las drogodependencias y otros trastornos adictivos en general, así como con aspectos relacionados con la promoción e intervención en el ámbito de la Psicología de la Salud, desde una aproximación amplia y pluridisciplinar, perfeccionar sus métodos y técnicas, fomentar una visión crítica y comprometida del fenómeno de la droga e impulsar la cooperación científica entre los investigadores, profesores, estudiosos y especialistas de [...]
  • Health and Addictions/Salud y Drogas, vol.13 nº1, 2013

    La revista Health and Addictions/Salud y Drogas (ISSN: 1578-5319/ISSNe 1988-205X) fue creada en el año 2001, por el Instituto de Investigación en Drogodependencias (INID) de la Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche, con el objetivo de promover la divulgación de resultados de investigación sobre las drogodependencias y otros trastornos adictivos, así como, sobre promoción e intervención en el ámbito de la piscología de la salud, desde una aproximación amplia y pluridisciplinar. Se persigue perfeccionar sus métodos y técnicas, fomentar una visión [...]
  • Report about nanofluid's health, safety and environmental impact

    The aim of this report from Nanouptake is to review the main challenges on the use of nanofluids related to health, safety and environmental issues. The methodology used has been double. Primary sources: • Workshops with a group of experts from academia and industry fields.• Online questionnaire. Secondary sources:• Compendium of nanofluid's health, safety and environmental resources.The results obtained in the workshop emphasise the concern about the lack of a legal framework and its impact on the implementation of nanofluids in the market. Some actions were proposed to [...]

    Recopilación de viñetas publicadas por el autor en la revista Cambio16 en los últimos años.
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