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  • The diary of a young girl

    The Diary of a Young Girl (also known as The Diary of Anne Frank) is a book of the writings from the Dutch language diary kept by Anne Frank while she was in hiding for two years with her family during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. The family was apprehended in 1944, and Anne Frank died of typhus in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. The diary was retrieved by Miep Gies, who gave it to Anne's father, Otto Frank, the family's only known survivor. The diary has since been published in more than 60 different languages.
  • The Never Spoken of Fiery Red Haired Girl

    Num planeta distante, todos os seus habitantes têm o cabelo azul. Todos, exceto uma menina muito especial, que tem os cabelos cor de fogo.Esta menina vive escondida de todos, o que lhe causa grande tristeza, mas, por causa da sua diferença, vai poder salvar a vida da filha dos reis do planeta.E, com isso, vai provar a todos que a diferença não tem de ser, de todo, algo negativo.E a sua vida vai mudar por completo!

    Marc is a student of Medicine, he is in love with a girl next door; but she is not what he thinks she is... Sasha has a hidden side, and he is about to discover it. Have you ever loved to someone that you shoudn't? What would you do if you had to die to be with the love of your life? Are you ready to leave everything for a vampire girl?Mystery, love, supernatural creatures, suspense, everything in this story by the author Rafael Alcolea Harold.Visita mi página web: http://rafaelalcolea.blogspot.com.es/Encontrarás muchos libros en Inglés GRATIS y mis novelas en Español. (Legado [...]

    She always slept in. She often said her parents that she was studding until dawn. She was the baby of the family: the least of three sisters The apple in her father´s eye-. She concerned to a great family of London. In spite of attending a scholarship and counting on the best professors of country, she had been summoned to study to Barcelona that course, by force.  To an university publishes. Because her friends weren´t  the best exactly for a rich girl. And although she has been joined they since she was a girl, -that didn´t care (who care)-, her parents chose the hardest [...]
  • Emmy, the dreamy witch

    This is the syory of a girl witch called Emmy who lives in Ciudadela Park, Barcelona, in a transparent tree hut that nobody can see perched in the branches of a big tree in the corner of the park. She has got two friends, a magpie called Sorty and a cat called Legio. One day they get together because they are not sleeping very well because of terrible nightmares. They decide to go to the world of dreams to try to put things in order and thereby sleep and have sweet dreams by means of a conspiracy consisting of the joining of the two magic words the names of Emmy´s two friends. They manage [...]
  • The biggest fake

    A second is all that we need to change it all. However a meaningful and game changer one might take a full life to happen.Everything begins by doing a humble trip to our biggest fakes, beliefs and exogenous-induced ideas to finally have a truthful starting point. ‹If you are open and ready to go back in time and understand in your own words what is yours and what from others, take a risk a get this inner train to your most forgotten tales.

    It is a science fiction novel about a girl who was raised by a family that had enough resources. Don Marcos, his father went through various misfortunes in the villages that came in search of his little daughter Matilda.
  • La Historia de Pyroteus. English Version

    In an orphanage full of abandoned children, pyrotro, a half-elf that does not stand out from the rest, but is cornered by the other children for being different: daughter of the mixture of races between humans and an elves.Escape to the fortune of that orphanage, meeting who are their first family: a band of thieves. The one who was a mature girl and faces new adventures. And his greatest adventure begins when he meets Kairi.

     This is the story of an innocent Australian girl who fought to reach her  un -certain destination through all her young life. The story was based to the  true facts  in its actual time of epoch ,including  all the personals  who  appeared  over the writing……,added my own  imagination and   unreachable  wishes  to  finalize  the  story.
  • Mum comes home twice a week

    An old creepy mammoth manor sited in the frozen outskirts of an unknown city, holding a hopeless sorrow in the form of a young beauty mysterious girl, alone but for her mum, who comes home to pay her a frugal visit twice a week...
  • Kairee's Obsession

    Based on a true story, Kairee's Obsession is about a girl named Kairee Newman, who moves into the small town of Webster Groves, Montana, and strikes up a friendship with a popular guy there by the name of Brandon Kelly. Kairee's little crush becomes a violent obsession, culminating in murder. In the end, Kairee may or may not get to be with her Chosen One, in an ending so shocking, that Kairee's Obsession has been hailed by readers as "One of the sickest love stories ever told." "The Chosen One" Billy Guidry brings to you a masterpiece. One that will send chills down your spine. This.... Is [...]
  • Conversations With A Young Nahual, Carlos Castaneda

    The Army and College days of Carlos Castaneda and his girl friends and friends.
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    Tengo 10 poemas y 10 autorías. El undécimo me lo huelo, a ver si sale.El plazo acaba mañana jueves a las 22:00, luego a votar.Os copio la [...]
  • Es posible sobreescribir el PDF una vez subido?

    Muchas gracias, sois muy amables, aunque la respuesta llegue algo tarde. Tengo que reconocer que el foro es muy útil, leyéndolo he resuelto unas [...]
  • La librería del rincón

    me pongo a la cola de tu buena idea, Mortfan; allá van mis links actualesSerá Papa una mujerjavascript:void(0) El hijo de Diosjavascript:void(0) [...]
  • Mensaje raro

    He recibido este mensaje en mi cuenta. ¿Alguien sabe de que va? Hello I came across your profile and be delighted to have a good relationship with you [...]
  • Natascha_Kampusch

    A teenager who was held captive for eight years in Austria has insisted her abductor was not a "sex beast".Natascha Kampusch, 18, was grabbed off the street [...]
  • Radio Bubok. Ahora suena...

    "A girl like you", Edwyn Collins http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rqCJdutB8I

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