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  • Palavras de Amor

    A poesia é como o soprar suave dos ventos, como o perfume das flores, o cantar dos pássaros, a voz de um coração apaixonado...O poema é a forma como o poeta expressa seus sentimentos, suas emoções, suas diversas formas de amar e se apaixonar. Somente os mais sensíveis serão capazes de interpretar seus mistérios ocultos em cada palavra, rímas, versos ou pensamentos. A poesia é a voz da alma, suas confissões e desabafos.
  • Un Maldito Maricón - A Damn Faggot

    ReseñaRafael es un joven homosexual que permanece ilegalmente en Suecia. Vino a cumplir su sueño de ser escritor y olvidar su pasado.Si bien es cierto que encuentra gente buena en el camino, también deberá enfrentar la miseria humana.En este país aprenderá a conocerse a sí mismo, en una batalla interna para elegir entre el rencor o el amor.A través de una historia mágica e irreal, revelo sentimientos de integración social, la angustia y la esperanza que vive dentro de alguien que se siente excluido .ReviewRafael is an homosexual young lad who stays illegally in [...]
  • Moments (1948-1988)

    ABSTRACTThe work Moments (1948-1988) is not a novel, but a historical document. It is a translation of the book Mi memoria histórica (1948-1988), published in 2010 in Spanish: www.bubok.es. Its author, PEDRO MENDOZA GONZALO, expresses a synthesis of his first 40 years of life. But what he is really trying to do is to participate in the interpretation of collective history. There are contents of high value in diverse fields: Sociology, Politics, Pedagogy, History, Psychology, Philosophy, Theology or Third World. At the age of 17, in 1966, he began some notebooks entitled Vivencias y [...]
  • Náttúra. Icelandic Landscapes

    Náttúra is nature in Icelandic. The book, collecting more than images of Iceland, is intended as a visual statement of love and respect that the author feels for some of the most spectacular scenes of the planet. Moving into the inhospitable, still unchanged, Icelandic landscapes is like to feel the heartbeat of the Earth, to look lost in the immensity of the desolate deserts of sand, to be mesmerized by the bright colors of their mountains, to vibrate with the roar of their waterfalls, to see eternal sunsets. Air, water, fire and Earth, the four elements that according to ancient [...]
  • Treinta y Cinco Razones Para Explicarte Cuanto Te Amé

    No sirve de nada arrepentirse porque lo hecho, hecho está. Un corazón en pedazos jamás volverá a ser el mismo, y un adiós en los ojos es la prueba más sincera de que se ha escrito un nuevo final. Cuando quien habla es el corazón, quien calla es el mundo entero.Mi corazón habló, pero mi realidad lo silenció sin más remedio. Nada es más importante ni urgente si lo que posterga, es nuestra propia felicidad. La vida vuela con el viento, y el tiempo jamás será de nuestra propiedad. Esta no es una historia más a primera persona. Aquí eres [...]
  • Manos Rojas

    Manos Rojas es la historia de un rey indio, un amor y un viaje sorpresa. El libro, nivel A1 del MECR, tiene una gramática y un vocabulario simples y está escrito con frases cortas fáciles de entender. La historia se estructura en 6 partes de 60 capítulos. Cada parte está resumida al final del libro (pero también puedes acceder a los resúmenes a través del enlace "Anteriormente en Manos Rojas"). Al final encontrarás información sobre el autor y la historia originales, quiénes somos y un enlace de descarga a las actividades.   Manos Rojas is the story of [...]
  • The Realistic Mental Aptitude: The Answer to Your Problems

    Why do some people who become successful and others don’t? Why do some people achieve everything they attempt whilst others fail? Why are some businessmen and women successful? Why do some people open a business and it works and mine doesn’t’? Why have some sales-teams great sales and mine haven’t? Why are some people lucky in love and other aren’t? In the past things used to go well for me. Why that is not the case any longer? Why can’t I find a job when others have no problems working? Why can’t I achieve all my objectives? This book is different from [...]

    The Lowell Foundation is the story of two cousins, Larry and Galo Ferrer, and their mutual friend, Antonio Cárdenas. Larry is immensely rich, but this does not preclude him from having a deep antipathy for the things of this world, and we see his self-realization in transcending the temporal bounds of the material world and his foray into what is truly the essence of the higher plane beyond the material one. Larry's real aim is the purgation of his spirit. By contrast, Galo is a man who gives precedence to his vital humanistic philosophy; he needs to do things to improve the world and the [...]
  • Willie the worm

    This is an absurd and vulgar lampoon. It falls short of a real parody since I have no idea what is being parodied. Instead, it rests mainly on a series of impossible dialogues that serve to prove the basic thesis - the whole world is ridiculous, especially worm world, the world where worms live.Willie, a crude and pathetic little worm, must save the world from the excesses of a decadent king. The king has imposed an unnatural order on worm world. A psychotic self-appointed potentate, he proposes to hand over his subjects as if they were packed lunches to placate a mob of encroaching moles who [...]
  • Moments, Letters from India

    It is an existential, intimate book, of easy reading and spontaneous humor, which shares with the reader the experience and emotions of a woman who, at the age of fifty five, after having remained inside a cardinalate with all his decisive life, decides to realize a trip alone to another side of the world: to the India, country that as tourist she had visited already in other occasions and of which she had stayed prendada. She takes this decision because she knows that to reach the fullness is necessary to assume risks, to measure forces, to know her own limits. Beyond social conventions, of [...]
  • Once Upon A Time: Lynn Margulis. (BN EDITION)

    «The story of science, a continuous joint narrative, is never the personal tale of any scientist» writes Lynn Margulis (1938-2011) at the end of the prologue to her book Luminous Fish: Tales of Science and Love, originally published in Spanish (Peces luminosos: Historias de amor y ciencia) by Tusquets Editores in 2002. (English edition 2007 Chelsea Green Pub. Co.).Sometimes, milestones in the history and development of science appear linked to more than one scientist.  They are the product of  the wit and personal work of people that usually  incorporate ideas and discoveries [...]

    SYNOPSIS: Genius is an American scientist who is conditioned to the schizophrenia and accepted part of the disease for wanting to see their imaginary friends. These were the greatest geniuses of humanity as Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Chaplin, Darwin, Shakespeare, Confucius, Santos Dumont. Later, he discovers a mirror in which he believes to travel back in time to see friends so real. Is it schizophrenia or a time travel through the mirror? Discover in these dialogues on the basis of these geniuses said and they gave us. Required for all persons, regardless of their [...]
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