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  • NO BRAIN NO FUTURE Parte I 1 – 500

    Estos son los memes de la página de humor y crítica social y política No Brain No Future (www.nobrainnofuture.com) que puedes encontrar en Facebook, Twitter e Instagram.  En estas pequeñas viñetas representamos la actualidad del día a día a través de una perspectiva crítica. Se trata de los memes del número 1 al 500, entre los meses de febrero y octubre de 2018.
  • Bioelectrical brain maturation in relation to age

    In the investigation of emotions and cognition, the ages of the subjects vary in different phylogenetic stages of development, we show schematically the bioelectrical brain maturation in relation to age.: #1108099827061 © propiedad intelectual

    Living my city, really, so part of it completely. Like the gestalt the whole is the sum of its parts and if I, as an individual, achievement insert myself in the city as a whole, I will be fulfilling my role as an organic part of the city. I want a city Ideapolis I have baptized, where they may interact with each other. Perhaps in my opinion, instead of dollars would use bitcoins because they have the particularity of not being part of the global banking structure, and be encryptions. Budgets can run and give an idea of ​​what you want, but the interrelationship between human beings, is [...]
  • Libre Futura Free Future Fire Flower

    Libre Futura reúne los escritos poéticos de gabrielgaribay desde el año 1982 hasta el 2008. Un viaje de sensaciones, percepciones y pensamiento. Poesía en momentos rebelde y reveladora, justiciera y desagrada. Poesía de amor al amor Poesía de la creación Poesía del mundo, de los sucesos del ser...hasta de lo extraterreno. Poesía erótica, lingüistica, de la muerte... "El poeta Garibay se deja ir con el corazón en la mano, no vislumbra limites ni fronteras; su poesía es como el viaje de un chamán que se adentra dentro de sí para rescatar los restos que aún queda [...]
  • My Young Years by the side of Harm Wiersma and Ton Sijbrands, Future World Champions

    At the end of 2017 a draughts player asked me to have translations of some of my Spanish books that deal with the history of draughts. In one book I describe my draughts career by the side of Sijbrands and Wiersma, and in another book of two volumes I describe the life of the draughts world champion Maurice Raichenbach. I decided to start with the first book and  add some information about my business life in Spain. With that schoolteachers become aware of the great benefit that draughts has on the mind of children and their future business possibilities. There are not many biographies [...]
  • English (PLUS) Professional Language User Solutions - BOOK #3 - BRAINSONALITY (Brain + Personality): The Distinguishing Characteristics of Second Language Learners

    If you learn another language which you use on a regular basis, and which influences your daily life, you will eventually acquire "brainsonality".  Changes in your behavior and thinking will take place based on the nature of the new language that you use.  You will experience personality changes that are in line with the cultural rules of that language.  These distinguishing characteristics can be seen between unilingual and bilingual (or multilingual) language users."Brainsonality" can give a second language user advantages over a person who only speaks one [...]
  • Eye-Tracking In Psycholinguistics

    It looks pink, feels soft but feels no pain, weighs less than two kilograms and is made up of 100 billion neurons. To many neurobiologists it was and still remains the most fascinating piece of solid matter in the universe. Tony Buzan claims that our brain is capable of having more ideas than the number of atoms in the known universe which is only natural if we bear in mind that the number of internal thought pathways our brain is capable of producing is 1 followed by 10.5 million kilometers of typewritten zeros (Buzan, 2003). All that, done via electrical and chemical reactions, resulting [...]
  • Smokescreen

    Prohibition: not booze, fags. Ray and Harry get wind of a lorry-load of illegal cigarettes and decide to hi-jack it at the point of delivery. Just outside Parliament. Ray and Harry recognise one of the customers. It's the Home Secretary. What can they do? They're coppers, they nick him, which sets events in motion that risk Ray's friends, family and future.
  • Atlas of Electroencephalography ( EEG emotions interact with Brodmann areas )

    New extended versionAtlas of Electroencephalography, it contains for the first time a study of the interactions of emotion and cognition in a population of children and adolescents with learning handicaps.Summary maps E.C.G. (emotions cognitions, graphics)  research on the interaction of emotions with cognitions.EEG showed a collection obtained in our research department, is only a sample, we consider the possibility of editing in the future a complete atlas with all EEG and detailed explanations of each. It should be detailed, the maps produced from this small atlas, this corresponds to [...]

    This is my first scientific fiction story about forth coming future of the Earth. In this book, I have created five Alliances who came to the Earth in providing their great help …..not to attack nor destroy like all others have written in a disaster images….as well as their appearances. It was better to have their pleasant imagination towards to our future , as the present Earth are having enough problems to suffer. I do hope the Earth would turned out in a better situation to solution out , in a way I wrote…..at least, the written contents would might have providing you with a [...]
  • Sports Almanac

    Grays Sports Almanac 1950-2000This is a replica prop of the Sports Almanac appeared on the Back to the Future II movie released in 1989.It is made exactly like the screen used version and is identical in the printed pages.Each page contains sports information as well as the iconic page, featuring the UCLA vs. Arizona game, which is seen on camera in the film.An extremely detailed, rare prop.
  • Presentation of the hypothesis of field research, on a cutting edge exhibition of the manifestation of intelligence, an assumption based on quantum theory.

    Presentation of the hypothesis of field research, on a cutting edge exhibition of the manifestation of intelligence, an assumption based on quantum theory. The hypothesis is based on that intelligence is a quantum-mechanical state of the brain that overlaps the quantum-mechanical state of the sea of virtual particles. Please note that only a very general introduction, to expose and identify the research field, and subsequently extend greater exposure of the investigations further. Presentación de una hipótesis (conjetura verosímil) sobre una investigación de campo fundamentado [...]
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Enfermedades de plantas causadas por virus y viroides
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