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  • Mark's Dream - Ready, Set, Go!

    Despite the risk, Mark, our protagonist, is determined to fulfill his dream: To visit the human World. He doesn't care about size difference or the dangers of an unknown world. The time has come, he has been preparing for this for a long time. This decision could be the beginning of several exciting adventures...    
  • A Proof Of Syntactic Incompleteness Of The Second-Order Categorical Arithmetic

    Actually, Arithmetic is considered as syntactically incomplete. How-ever, there are different types of arithmetical theories. One of the mostimportant is the second-order Categorical Arithmetic (AR), which inter-prets the principle of induction with the so-called full semantics. Now,who ever concluded that AR is sintactically (or semantically, since cate-goricity implies equivalence of the two types of completeness) incomplete?Since this theory is not effectively axiomatizable, the incompleteness The-orems cannot be applied to it. Nor is it legitimate to assert that the un-decidability of the [...]
  • The Gödel’s legacy: revisiting the Logic

    Some common fallacies about fundamental themes of Logic are ex- posed: the First and Second incompleteness Theorem interpretations, Chaitin’s various superficialities and the usual classification of the ax- iomatic Theories in function of its language order. KEYWORDS: Incompleteness, undecidability, semantic completeness, categoricity, randomness, Chaitin’s constant, first and second order languages, consistency.

    This book is a  VERYYYYYY beautiful travel.Are you ready for thisOpen and enjoy the bookIT´S MAGIC
  • L’eredità di Gödel: rivisitando la Logica

    Si evidenziano alcuni diffusi equivoci su argomenti fondamentali diLogica: l’interpretazione dei due Teoremi d’incompletezza, diverse leggerezzedi Chaitin e l’usuale classificazione dei Sistemi assiomatici in baseall’ordine espressivo.Some common fallacies about fundamental themes of Logic are exposed:the First and Second incompleteness Theorem interpretations,Chaitin’s various superficialities and the usual classification of the axiomaticTheories in function of its language order.PAROLE CHIAVE: Incompletezza, indecidibilità, coerenza, categoricità, [...]
  • Willie the worm

    This is an absurd and vulgar lampoon. It falls short of a real parody since I have no idea what is being parodied. Instead, it rests mainly on a series of impossible dialogues that serve to prove the basic thesis - the whole world is ridiculous, especially worm world, the world where worms live.Willie, a crude and pathetic little worm, must save the world from the excesses of a decadent king. The king has imposed an unnatural order on worm world. A psychotic self-appointed potentate, he proposes to hand over his subjects as if they were packed lunches to placate a mob of encroaching moles who [...]
  • La herencia de Gödel: revisitando la Lógica

    Se exponen algunas equivocaciones sobre temas fundamentales de Lógicafrecuentemente difundidas: la interpretación de los dos Teoremas deincompletitud, algunos desaciertos de Chaitin y la clasificación corrientede los Sistemas axiomáticos según el orden expresivo del lenguaje.Some common fallacies about fundamental themes of Logic are exposed:the First and Second incompleteness Theorem interpretations,Chaitin’s various superficialities and the usual classification of the axiomaticTheories en function of its language order.PALABRAS CLAVE: Incompletitud, indecidibilidad, [...]

    love to loveID:    8572376Categoría:    Religión y espiritualidadDescription:    Love to love a new book of evg...Osazee Osifo. In this book evg...Osifo gives out 58 keys of definitions of love. This book is spiritual feed and full of emotion, and it has the clarity of natural and divine love. So with12 powerful confessions and prayer that can liberate anyone from every evil depression, In Gods ream there are defilations of manifestations but the greatens of all is love, love have a derisible quality that can transform your life into a new being so be ready [...]
  • English (PLUS) Professional Language User Solutions - BOOK #1 - HOW TO ESTABLISH A JOB PRIORITY LIST OF WORK TASKS

    BOOK #1:HOW TO ESTABLISH A JOB PRIORITY LIST OF WORK TASKS (This is serious business!)If you already have your ownsystem of establishing a priority list for your professional tasks, thencompare it with the suggested system above in order to determine if you canachieve even more success in your business.  If you do not use a system ofprioritizing your job tasks, then maybe you will give it serious considerationafter having read this article.  By choosing a time managementsystem that helps you accomplish your job tasks on time and in their order ofimportance, you will greatly enhance more [...]
  • The biggest fake

    A second is all that we need to change it all. However a meaningful and game changer one might take a full life to happen.Everything begins by doing a humble trip to our biggest fakes, beliefs and exogenous-induced ideas to finally have a truthful starting point. ‹If you are open and ready to go back in time and understand in your own words what is yours and what from others, take a risk a get this inner train to your most forgotten tales.
  • Analysis of phraseological content in English teaching: materials and teachers’ attitudes

    In this paper, we try to find out if phraseology, and more specifically, idioms, collocations, proverbs and social routine formulae play an important role in the teaching of English as foreign language in the Region of Murcia. In order to determine if they do, we have conducted a two-folded study consisting of both, an analysis of two English textbooks widely used in high schools in order to ascertain the phraseological content they provide and a questionnaire addressed to experienced English teachers who also work in Murcia so as to know more about their ideas and attitudes towards the [...]
  • Discovering Who I Am

    OBJECTIVES• To provide an opportunity to give time to Self• To Focus Inward in order to explore “Who I Am” and “How I Function”• To Identify any Desirable Changes and to learn practical ways of bringing about those changes• To enjoy your life  
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  • 15 y contando [pequeña evaluación]

    Lidera, lidera... La de candidatos a emperadores romanos que perdieron la cabeza por un calentón de sus legiones. A ver, qué no me ha gustado la [...]
  • ¿A quien hace daño un libro mal editado?

    Jur, va de C*L* hoy el foro XD. Bueno, he logrado editar esta entrada. Tambien añado que no hace falta irse a inditex Grupo planeta también [...]
  • ¿Ver el número de todas las descargas?

    Jejeje, Carlos eso te pasa por prolífico. Pero no sería mala cosa añadir un campito a la tabla de la ficha del autor (el dato existe, es [...]
  • Comentarios a las votaciones del IX Certamen

    [quote=Reithor][quote=Erredos_Dedos]-yo nunca leo con atención, sino aceleradísimo, y me pasa multitud de veces lo de no entender-,[/quote] Esto [...]
  • Error en la compra de PDF a cero euros

    Hola a todos,  he intentado  descargar varios libros en formato PDF a 0 euros y siempre aparece el mismo error. [quote]Error.Cadena error=Order [...]
  • Escritora novel busca lectores

    Muy buenas pikuszz! En primer lugar, me alegro de que sigas con mi novela y de que, además, le estés dedicando una lectura lenta y pausada! En lo [...]
  • The Wattpad Experience

    El poder de la pereza subestimar no debes, jejejeNi el del hambre, voy a por unos canelones que ya están ready

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Cómo adelgazar sin dietas y no volver a engordar
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