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  • How to prevent teen dating violence

    A guide to teach youth how to prevent teen dating violence. Generally when we begin to give our first steps into a relationship, we do believe that love is a very splendored thing, that can heal everything, that allows everything… Everything in the name of love. But this is not true. First of all, love must be a healthy condition with yourself. Love yourself, make this exercise.  Never put your happiness on someone else’s hands.  All you need is inside you.  

    Marc is a student of Medicine, he is in love with a girl next door; but she is not what he thinks she is... Sasha has a hidden side, and he is about to discover it. Have you ever loved to someone that you shoudn't? What would you do if you had to die to be with the love of your life? Are you ready to leave everything for a vampire girl?Mystery, love, supernatural creatures, suspense, everything in this story by the author Rafael Alcolea Harold.Visita mi página web: http://rafaelalcolea.blogspot.com.es/Encontrarás muchos libros en Inglés GRATIS y mis novelas en Español. (Legado [...]
  • the Fairy Queen

    Is a story about self-love, soul mate’s love and the importance of being a healthy and whole being: healthy self-esteem, healthy psychological boundaries and not being afraid of loving nor being love. The archetype of the fairy symbolizes someone who has learnt to love and is shining through her light, the wholeness that comes from the union of the heart and the mind. The archetype of the warrior is someone still afraid of feeling his emotions because he is still focus on pursuing material success and not attending his emotional/heart demands, consequently is afraid of feeling love, [...]

    A verb is a word that signifies to be, to act, or to be acted on: as, I am, I rule, I am ruled, I love, you love, he loves. Verbs are so called, from the Latin verbum
  • Flights of silence

     Aged thirteen, David believes his mother no longer loves him. A shameful family secret is revealed, a suicide attempt fails, and he leaves his beautiful home on the Island of Margarita, to live on the streets of Caracas, Venezuela. Yet David has a dream, a heart full of love, a sense of fair play and most of all, compassion for others. Aged fifteen, his first encounter of love with the opposite sex is of sweet innocence with a prostitute he names, Princess Jasmine. Love begins to triumph over his earlier feelings of abandonment only to end in heartbreak.  No stone is left unturned in [...]

    The content of these stories have, childhood, adolescence growth, rape, murder, sex, love, lies and betrayal.The story is about a woman who recalls how he was a child, a teenager was raped, her mother home with her best friend from childhood, his marriage was not easy to put her husband was in prison, a mother and she is alone and no money and must seek to feed their children, seen as killing his neighbor and at first knows the love and the loss of that love of his daughter's rape and death of my daughter's boyfriend.
  • Overcoming My Cowardice

    This marvelous book Is Based on a Beautiful Story Of Restoracion Of Drug addictions , Only The Love o God, His Hand Can Lift You Up From that Terrible addiction That Destroys Everything That we love And everything That Loves Us !
  • The last musa

    The last muse is based on the personal struggle of a father who longs earnestly to see her daughter, who only saw the day he was born.After the divorce from his Mother, a form of revenge she does not let his father have no affinity with his daughter, let not recognize it, much less that he can bring her child.All this encourages him to go to court to recognize their rights as parents, never denied, nor shuns his responsibility (like most men), hoping to give him a monthly stipend as well as his daughter to visit her According to that opinion on the law, while he looked forward to the trial he [...]
  • Diary of a Thirtysomething Guy… and Gay… and Blind (Preview)

    Santiis thirtysomething years old, gay and blind guy with a complicatedsentimental life: a break-up from the past that marked him, a sexyco-worker that seems to be straight (despite Santi's wishes), afriend that is in love with him (and unrequited), an extra-hornyex-boyfriend... “Diaryof a Thirstysomething Guy... and Gay... and Blind” appeared a fewyears ago in the Spanish blog “Historias con Hache”. Since then,it has not stopped gaining followers and his stories have thousandsof readers every week. Now, for the first time, the first season istranslated into English so [...]
  • Dinosaurios para Colorear

    All the kids love coloring.
  • El don que no poseo.

    Quítale los zapatos al vientopara que no camine de madrugada,que puedas ver como su alientosonroja de día tu cara.
  • faith and life

      FAITH AND LIFE a new book of evg..OsazeeOsifoDETECTS OF THE BOOKA message of faith love heat hope and fulfillment of Goals and a promise of eternal glory that is in Christ Jesus. True a diver out reaching of God evg...Osazee gives at 73 powerful keys on faith teaching. Chapters Detects. knowing the creator by faith. How do Faith Comes: APPLY LOVE TO YOUR FAITH: Have faith on your heat: Celebrate your faith: Want is in your hands: A promise to be fulfilled: Children’s Faith: Teaching on Faith: Your Faith Can Save Your Friends: Forgiving in faith: Become a remarkable youth: Have Faith [...]
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  • Igone Martin Amor (imawolfe)

    Soñando siempre opté por empezar a plasmar estos sueños para que no sólo yo pudiera disfrutarlos.No soy un genio, no creo que sea la mujer perfecta pero lo que si sé es que me hace feliz escribir y quiero que los demás puedan serlo al leerme.Besos para todos y disfrutar, la vida siempre es más corta de lo deseado.
  • Jaume Tortosa Amor (jaumeleitor)

    Soy licenciado en Filología hispánica y en Ciencias políticas. Esto me ha llevado a la enseñanza, profesión que aún hoy en día ejerzo. He publicado los poemarios Al margen de la garandumba; Un náufrago cubierto de anémonas; ambos en la editorial INTERLIBROS y reimpresas en BUBOK ; Tríada, publicada en Colomar ed. También he participado en la publicación 1r Premio Internacional de Poesía erótica Búho Rojo con el poemario Él, Ella, Nosotros, publicado en Bubokhttps://www.bubok.com/libros/184/I-Certamen-de-Poesia-Erotica-Internacional-Buho-Rojo; y [...]
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