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    Faith and life a new book of evg...Osazee Osifo   DETECTS OF THE BOOKA message of faith love heat hope and fulfillment of Goals and a promise of eternal glory that is in Christ Jesus.True a diver out reaching of God evg...Osazee gives at 71 powerful keys on faith teaching.Chapters Detects, knowing the creator by faith, have faith on your heat; celebrate your faith. Want is in your hands. A promise to be fulfilled. Children™s Faith: Teaching on Faith. Your Faith Can Save Your Friends. Forgiving in faith. Become a remarkable youth. Have Faith on your Driving. APPLY LOVE TO YOUR [...]

    In this work we do directed especially to our friends and fellow Catholics seek to be very sincere, honest and faithful to biblical accounts, in addition to complying with the historical records as well as Christians that we love our brothers in Christ who are our friends and show them to be fervent Christians, although as followers of the oldest and most "traditional" Christian denomination the Catholic Church. Before hand, we know that these faithful who give example of love and charity to others and who believe through faith to be saved through the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, but [...]
  • Butterfly Effect

    This is a common project with my friend Maria Luisa Landman R. who is writer and poetess.  A liittle jewle made by and for woman. Devoted to the Woman, to the yang complement, to the peaceful strenght of patience, to the faith, to hope, to life, to sweetness, to loveliness, to beauty, to tenderness, to gentleness, to love, to the creative ability, to understanding, to the unifying energy, to the Creation.
  • The Orphan from the Crypt

    “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13 The Orphan from the Crypt is a thriller which tells the story of Mark Evans, a student of the Catholic University whose frustrated dream was to enter into the police department. Being unable to do so, he decides to study to become a journalist in order to write articles about the police work in his hometown. Mark meets an orphan boy named Alex and decides to befriend him so he could investigate the reason of mysterious deaths around the boy. Mr. Evans, after several happenings, [...]
  • The Clavicle of Dreams

    This book brings together two tales, which won second prize in literary contests of 1993, Colombia.The first, THE CLAVICLE OF DREAMS tells the story of a teenager who falls in love with her father. This man responds to this love and then a fatal outcome occurs.The second story, OVERDOSE OF SOUND tells the story of a woman. She was one of the attendees of the hippie concert in Ancon, Colombia. Several years later, it remembers what happened to this woman at the concert.Finally, it is included essays named THE NATURAL STORYTELLER, which was read in 1995 at the Meeting of Storytellers in [...]
  • Let's talk about angels. In the beginning

    This book is a meeting point so as to solve doubts and fears, to receive orientation during a pleasant conversation from humor and love. I’m going to talk about angels, the spirit and spirits. Believe it or not, so as to be spiritual in this material world you must have a great sense of humor and perspective of the different realities, specially a lot of humor and unconditional love. If you don’t believe in anything of all this, nothing happens, read the book as if it were a science fiction book, like when you read “From the Earth to the Moon” by Julio Verne [...]
  • At the end of my life

    A Corner of Paradise tells the story of a man who doggedly pursues the woman he loves, knowing that the love felt for her cannot be equal, cannot be replaced, and through the tragic events of World War II, the family vicissitudes , the succession of the difficulties of life, will unravel the journey of the protagonist, Michael, always seeking, stubbornly, belove Margherita. Reading thousands of times her letter, he will feel her scent while being away, imagine her caresses and longs to have her in his arms. Almost in a constant and only thought, in a love obsession that will see him chase [...]
  • Tell me that you exist (Dime que existes) English Version

    Didn't finish writing this book soon, but the moral need for has finish it,sooner, I has precipitated this. Let us assume, that this book was the bestbook of poetry ever written, I speak of love, without saving rancor, withoutshowing love, but unsaved rancor. But this book is not absent altogether, butis conspicuous by the number of absences and pains that are shown in thesame. I know that it is written with hardness and cruelty, but that foreign andown feelings in my heart led me to this. If I have learned anything in the writing of this third book is, no one will pre-vent, you change [...]

    The story starts as Jane suffers life under Mrs. Reed who hates her and treats her poorly.  At the age of 10, Jane is sent by Mrs. Reed to a boarding school called Lowood.  Jane goes to the school, and despite efforts by Mrs. Reed to make her life hard, Jane enjoys the school and excels in her studies.  She stays at the school making many friends (one of whom died of an illness) and becoming a teacher for two years.  At the end of the two years, her favorite teacher, Mrs. Temple, gets married and leaves the school.  Jane finds little purpose in staying at the school and [...]
  • See Christ in your crisis.

    See Christ in your crisis is a book that will implement good factors of success to your life and that of your love ones, Today no matter what you are been into: the good news of the Gospel for you is this that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and for every Amen. Child of God this is to tell you that God have a perfect plan for your life, but you need to connect yourself to this plan of his tuning misery to success: by knowing him and the gift that is above all gift that came through is Son Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. Philippians (3:1:21) In this book it’s my joy and goal to [...]
  • Reikitirth - reiki manual

    As a part of sharing our love and Respect With reiki masters and practitioners, reiki We have compiled a handbook 1st and 2nd degrees.
  • An Introduction to the Work of Dino Armas

    This book contains my commentaries on three plays by the great Uruguayan playwright, Dino Armas. The book is in English with quotes from the plays in the original Spanish with English translations made by myself. The three plays are as follows:Se ruega no enviar coronas (Please Don't Send Flowers)¿Y si te canto canciones de amor? (And If I Sing You Love Songs?)Ave Mater (Hail Mother)
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  • Igone Martin Amor (imawolfe)

    Soñando siempre opté por empezar a plasmar estos sueños para que no sólo yo pudiera disfrutarlos.No soy un genio, no creo que sea la mujer perfecta pero lo que si sé es que me hace feliz escribir y quiero que los demás puedan serlo al leerme.Besos para todos y disfrutar, la vida siempre es más corta de lo deseado.
  • Jaume Tortosa Amor (jaumeleitor)

    Soy licenciado en Filología hispánica y en Ciencias políticas. Esto me ha llevado a la enseñanza, profesión que aún hoy en día ejerzo. He publicado los poemarios Al margen de la garandumba; Un náufrago cubierto de anémonas; ambos en la editorial INTERLIBROS y reimpresas en BUBOK ; Tríada, publicada en Colomar ed. También he participado en la publicación 1r Premio Internacional de Poesía erótica Búho Rojo con el poemario Él, Ella, Nosotros, publicado en Bubokhttps://www.bubok.com/libros/184/I-Certamen-de-Poesia-Erotica-Internacional-Buho-Rojo; y [...]
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Si viéramos con los ojos
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