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    Theologians maintain that just the presence of a feeling of God in Man's heart, is, in itself, a proof of His existence. Since –as they assure us- that feeling is innate, it’s actually a reminiscence. Well, if it’s as they say, Blanca, then, along with a feeling of God (and, as I hope to demonstrate during the course of these letters, closely bound to it), there exists in Man's heart another innate feeling of no less power. The feeling of the twin soul, of the one creature who, out of every other, is destined to us, for it’s the other half that will us complete us." Thus [...]
  • Bad One and the case of the double murder in the Thames

    BAD ONE is a detective of Scotland Yard, peculiar and with an irritable and solitary character. Eager to investigate, he gets bored if it does not have between hands an interesting case. Finally a double murder offers to him the opportunity to show his "innate" qualities in the investigation of this crime: two persons are found in the Thames bundles and sewings of macabre form by the lips. Other personages serve him as walk-on to give the necessary game to the action and to the dialogue: his assistant sputterer Cocowa; his faithful friend and adviser Agatha; the chief Livingstone, with his [...]

    A number of sample applications are discussed in which the change to NdFeB has already been made. One reason for the use of NdFeB is the material's good magnetic values at room temperature. They are of benefit above all in magneto mechanics, since the forces and torques are proportional to the square of remanence B . One weak point of the new material is its low resistance to corrosion and radiation, which necessitates protective measures. Of much greater significance, however, is the sharp drop in coercivity H  which occurs with increasing temperature. 
  • Ocular toxocariasis and Kyrieleis plaques review in relation to a clinical case

             Kyrieleis plaques are suspected to be an inmune response to an infectious agent. It has been described in infections of the retina as toxoplasmosis, tuberculosis, syphilis, cytomegalovirus, Rickettsia conorii, herpes simplex type 1-2 and varicella zoster virus. We report a case of ocular toxocariasis that developed kyrieleis plaques and do a review about it. 
  • Conservation and restoration of riparian woodland A case study of rivers in Galicia (Pontevedra)

    This book is the result of intense work by three forest engineers and two students from the same advantage that bind a grant from the Xunta de Galicia. Department of Traballo and Welfare. General Directorate of Xuventude and Volunteering. Our intention has been to highlight the beauty of the rivers in the province of Pontevedra who have supported us throughout our training at the School of Forest Engineers of Pontevedra. We also wanted to highlight the urgent need to conserve and restore those ecosystems that have been damaged to a greater or lesser extent.

    A veces, el código de honor de un samurai se interpone entre su catana y su enemigo.
  • How to create your first iPhone App

    1.-)+ 200 Page PDF Book. Everything needed to learn how to design yourown iOS applications and Html5 WebApps.2.-)4 Case Studies. Design case studies to help you apply what youlearned are included with the book. Learn how to design easily yourvirtual store integrating the paypal payment gateway to ease sellingto your customers.FinallyI give Legal tips which every app developer or enterpreneur must takeinto accountwhen developing mobile apps and setting up a start-up,you can download 100% free a iOS application development agreementand Start-up [...]

    Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs in which mentions floating plants in crops of the banks of the Nile.
  • The Great East Japan Earthquake My Grateful Gift to You

    "It was tough enough to live in the refuge. And now it's not easy staying upstairs." The expression of the neighbor lady portrayed both the bliss and hardness  of living in her own house. There were a lot of people who spent hard days without any utilities after the Great East Japan Earthquake. However, a few people recognized what it was like. I spread out our case on reflection as an example of an ordinary household; how we had gone through without enough commodities in the bitter winter, how we  had scraped up our daily necessities. What are the most important, and yet forgettable [...]

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