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  • Allwënn: Soul & Sword (Illustrated Graphic Novel + Artbook)

    CONTAINS:The Illustrated Story with more than 80 illustrationsSketches Gallery with more than 150 preliminary sketchesProcesses Gallery with the digital painting process of 15 illustrationsComplete Illustrations GalleryAdvertising and CuriosOnline ShopLinksInteractive menu, that improves navigation beyond lineal readingFull Colour Illustrations, adapted to Kindle Fire and reading on Mobile devices and Tablets (Android, Apple, etc) through the free Kindle App.More info at CHARROART blogFor any doubt or problem contact support@charroart.com. using the subject "Soul""Allwënn: Soul & Sword [...]

    Once upon a time, sometime ago, a little time before you were born, clouds were different than they are now. They were bigger, and there were many more, so many that in some parts of the world they covered the entire Sky and it was very hard to see the Sun.
  • Grandma has something she can't get rid of

    It illustrates about Alzheimer disease, with a child look respect her grandmother. This work shows a common familiar situation, which is changing its routine. My aim is to improve sensitive. The work has been written and has benn illustrated on my own. Included there other two languages more: Catalan, French and Spanish.
  • A brave little tree named Alex

    Alex, the youngest tree of the forest, learns how important it is to ask for help when he is not feeling good. This story is dedicated to the youngest kids, to all parents and to teachers. It is also a reminder to us, adults, that counting on people who care for us is a brave thing to do. At the end of the book, some comprehension questions and games will help small ones to understand the story and have fun at the same time!
  • Dont Be evil.

    Rudi and Lara are two young people who have accidentally blocked their work on the Internet. Then involuntarily if they engage in a network of information handling with the involvement of government agencies and enterprise GooGol10. Could those young talents today megaempresários, follow with the ideology of the past? ?Fiction adventure story told in graphic novel that shows the power of social mobilization on the internet.
  • Top Secret: 37 Laws of Political Power

    Top Secret: 37 Laws of Political Power - Ike Klinsmann, Ikechukwu Onyia, Chidi Orjika, Chike Enuka, Dr Joyce Nnaka, Okwudiri Okwu, Paul Uchegbusi,Dr Agina Benson, Ugwuanyi Ike, Egwudo ObinnaThis book is a guide to every aspiring leader who desires to succeed in politics. You will learn how to seize power in less than 30 minutes. Illustrated with real-life examples of how others succeeded. It aims to equip the reader with vital tools to succeed where others failed and to safeguard the reader against possible pitfalls schemed by custodians of power.  Some of the principles explained in [...]
  • Vocabulario A1 español

    Un libro con vocabulario para estudiantes de primer año de español. Está separado por temas, cada uno de ellos con vocabulario, verbos y expresiones adaptadas al tema tratado. COMIDAS Y BEBIDAS, TRANSPORTES, COLORES, FAMILIA, NÚMEROS, EN CASA, EN CLASE, FIESTAS, TECNOLOGÍA, CLIMA, DEPORTES, PROFESIONES Y MUCHOS MÁS. El libro contiene ejercicios de vocabulario para principiantes, textos, canciones, juegos y una gran cantidad de materiales interactivos online. Para estudiantes autodidactas, como material complementario para las clases o para profesores. "Vocabulario español [...]

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