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  • Ecellent Youth

    exceleent youth.id: 8662965ISBN:9781445752556.Excellent youth, a new book of evg... Osazee OsifoIn this book evg...Osifo gives out 31 keys and 5 powerful confessions that will help you to accomplish your Excellent God giving vision, and a good reason to take hold on your God giving dream so with your academic Goal.Know this Excellent tells of your brilliantness and it also shows out your wellbeing likewise the good mark of your attempts. So try to have a copy of this book and that of your love ones.
  • Healthy Children 108 Childhood Diseases, Food For Infants And Children, 109 Recipes, 623 Natural Treatments

    Sick children can also be healthy children with methods natural healing , they are effective and economical. This book presents natural treatments for many diseases, which are used by many peoples for thousands of years. We offer this information for you can use it in its discretion, always under surveillance care. If you have knowledge of other forms to heal naturally, we thank you from now you will send us this information, which should be for public use.· Healthy children are happy children. When a home is a healthy child, the parents are happier because the child plays and learns [...]
  • Complete guide for chairs (EYP)

    A complete guide for chairing in EYP sessions.
  • How to prevent teen dating violence

    A guide to teach youth how to prevent teen dating violence. Generally when we begin to give our first steps into a relationship, we do believe that love is a very splendored thing, that can heal everything, that allows everything… Everything in the name of love. But this is not true. First of all, love must be a healthy condition with yourself. Love yourself, make this exercise.  Never put your happiness on someone else’s hands.  All you need is inside you.  

    The content of these stories have, childhood, adolescence growth, rape, murder, sex, love, lies and betrayal.The story is about a woman who recalls how he was a child, a teenager was raped, her mother home with her best friend from childhood, his marriage was not easy to put her husband was in prison, a mother and she is alone and no money and must seek to feed their children, seen as killing his neighbor and at first knows the love and the loss of that love of his daughter's rape and death of my daughter's boyfriend.

     It takes wisdom to assimilate and humility to accept the precious lessons that children convey to us throughout the period from the beginning of their existence to their adolescence.  Every adult has much to learn from children, even though all grown-ups have obviously gone through each of the stages of growth and development of their lives from birth through childhood, but over the years The acquisition of new knowledge and the coexistence with the environment in which each one lives, adding to the learning of new knowledge beyond the experiences, thus, the transformations [...]
  • Yi

    This story tells about the infant Yi who was left on the steps to monks monistary.We follow him from childhood  to grown man and he trains himself in marschal arts and return to the world an different person.

    A litlle boy descendent italian family tells yourself childhood story in small city from 300km from Rio de Janeiro
  • EYP at School

    How EYP works. What EYP is. A short proposal to simulate EYP at school.
  • Little Women

    Little Women is a classic novel by American author Louisa May Alcott. It which was originally published in two volumes in 1868 and 1869. Alcott wrote the books over several months at the request of her publisher.Following the lives of the four March sisters—Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy—the novel details their passage from childhood to womanhood and is loosely based on the author and her three sisters.

    Andersen displayed great intelligence and imagination as a young boy, traits that were fostered by the indulgence of his parents and by the superstition of his mother. He made himself a small toy-theatre and sat at home making clothes for his puppets, and reading all the plays that he could lay his hands upon; among them were those of Ludvig Holberg and William Shakespeare. Throughout his childhood, he had a passionate love for literature. He was known to memorize entire plays by Shakespeare and to recite them using his wooden dolls as actors.

    From our childhood days as we learn to read, we begin to study the Bible almost daily and do what we call the biblical year that understands the reading of the Holy Scriptures in a way planned every day of the year. For this, the religious denomination in which my parents belonged when I was born and remained during all the years of my existence until the moments that I am composing this work. In those times a biblical script was set up for the children to read the Bible for every day of a year. This method eliminated all the stories or those texts that told the facts that described scenes or [...]
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  • Hoy me ha pasado algo muy bestia

    ¡Recomiendan la novela en las escuelas! + entrevista + reseñas + novedades: Recomendación en las escuelas de la Institución Pere Vergés. [...]
  • Radio Bubok. Ahora suena...

    Sonic Youth con Enrique Morente, en Móstoles, hace unos días. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRQSqZDrBUo

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