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  • The Realistic Mental Aptitude: The Answer to Your Problems

    Why do some people who become successful and others don’t? Why do some people achieve everything they attempt whilst others fail? Why are some businessmen and women successful? Why do some people open a business and it works and mine doesn’t’? Why have some sales-teams great sales and mine haven’t? Why are some people lucky in love and other aren’t? In the past things used to go well for me. Why that is not the case any longer? Why can’t I find a job when others have no problems working? Why can’t I achieve all my objectives? This book is different from others discussing the [...]
  • Guia Breve Para Ligar Con la Chica de tus Sueños

    Una guía muy breve que puede darte algún empujoncito a buscar a la chica de tus sueños.Love is the answer.
  • The creation of the Universe

    If we accept the Big Bang, what happened before? To this question answer the scientists that do not know it, that is inimaginable and indeducible and that they are physical, but no metaphysical. And afterwards?
  • THE MORAL INTELLIGENCE COURSE. ( A collection of reflections from the perspective of the thought process designated as Zen, the mind is a causal process without ipseity).

    A collection of reflections from the perspective of the thought process designated as Zen. Question : Why Zen?Answer : Because it is a way of logical thinking and paradoxical, but it is not an abstraction diffuse, is underpinned by the theory that the mind has no ipseity. The mind is a causal process without ipseity, and this is what we try to illustrate with this Zen reflections

    During the preaching of the Sermon on the Mount, the first statement of Jesus at the very beginning of his earthly ministry, at some point the Master Teacher made a very interesting and curious citation, which over the centuries has gained immense popularity and many writers, commentators Bible, writers, poets and other religious people such as priests, pastors and elders, enjoy using this phrase "casting pearls before swine" especially as the theme of his sermons and pronouncements. Immediately what it really means this phrase uttered by Jesus For us who have had the privilege to address a [...]
  • The 5 Balances of Health

    The 5 Balances of Health gives the answer to the questions on how and why diseases occur, and how to anticipate them, avoid them and treat them.Dr. Marcos Mazzuka exposes his experiences made in almost forty years dedicated to the research and treatment of various diseases such as fibromyalgia, cancer, depression and autoimmune diseases, all of them analyzed in the light of scientific investigations carried out in the last few years.Cellular Regenerative Medicine emerges with strength, supported by evidence-based biochemical knowledges, in order to give a solution that can be applied by [...]
  • The Blood Pressure Solution - Control Your Blood Pressure Naturally

    Introduction 6Chapter 1: A Silent Epidemic 10Chapter 2: The Hidden Dangers of High Blood Pressure 12Breaking Down Blood Vessels 12Hurting Your Heart 14Killing Your Kidneys 15Brain Damage 16Problems in the Bedroom 17Eye Opening Issues 18Bad to the Bone 18Chapter 3: Understanding Blood Pressure 20What Is Blood Pressure? 20What Do The Numbers Mean? 21How Can We Change Our Blood Pressure? 23Chapter 4: Common Causes of High Blood Pressure 26Chapter 5: The Healthcare Industry’s Answer to HighBlood Pressure 29Chapter 6: The Blood Pressure Solution: Naturally Lower YourBlood Pressure 35Category 1: [...]

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Exponential Transformation
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