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  • Burn Out en Enfermería

    Este libro es una revisión bibliográfica acerca del estrés laboral que sufren los profesionales de enfermería al realizar su trabajo.
  • Writing for Reading Improvement Young Learner Edition

    This book is written to help students of high school and higher levels of education to improve their writing skills as they discover their talents in writing. The student is guided in ways of writing a children's book primarily in English but can be applied to any language.Este libro fue escrito para ayudar a estudiantes de bachillerato y de niveles superiores de educacion en mejorar sus habilidades de escritura mientras descubren sus talentos para escribir cuentos para niños. El estudiante es guiado en diferentes formas de escribir un lubro para niños en ingles pero esto [...]
  • 10 step proven formula for writing killer web copy

    My name is Louis Allport and I recently spent several hours grilling master copywriter Alex Mandossian on exactly how to write copy that floods your web site with sales. Now Alex™s time doesn™t come cheap, so you really are getting his secrets here at a steal. In this eBook, you get two hours of that exclusive marketing interview where Alex reveals (for the first time anywhere), his 10 step proven formula for writing killer web copy. It™s one of the most step-by-step and well detailed systems for writing copy that I™ve seen. Apply this simple formula, and I™m sure [...]
  • EL BURN-OUT: una realidad que debemos prevenir

    El burn-out, también llamado "síndrome de estar quemado en el trabajo", es un problema de salud pública, que va en aumento, y no solo repercute en el entorno laboral, sino también en el familiar. Este síndrome está caracterizado por agotamiento emocional, despersonalización y competencia personal. La clave para un tratamiento eficaz es su detección en las primeras fases, ya que cuando antes lo tratemos, antes seremos capaces de mantenerlo bajo control, y evitaremos que éste se agrave. Al terminar este proyecto, le damos especial importancia a las consecuencias [...]
  • Síndrome de Burn-out en el personal de enfermería en la Unidad de Neonatología del Hospital Naval de Cartagena.

       El profesional de enfermería está sometido amucho estrés en su puesto de trabajo. Esto junto a otros muchos factoresestresantes y mantenido en el tiempo puede hacer que tanto la productividadcomo la calidad del profesional de vea mermada. A causa de todos los aspectosnegativos que se pueden provocar es necesario este estudio. Con este trabajo pretendemosvalorar el posible perfil de riesgo, de mayor susceptibilidad y los principalesfactores determinantes para la aparición de este síndrome    Para su elaboración se ha procedido a labúsqueda sistemática de [...]
  • Book Business English CICT

    By writing is meant to anyone writing the facts which were written and performed by a person. The wording can be in many different ways and with many different styles depending on the type of information you want to describe, at the time, the space, the public and many other things. The act of writing is, in other words, to write down something that was experienced or something you want to say. Writing is an essential part of writing. While writing the term usually relates to artistic literature, every act of writing involves writing long sentences and ideas when armed with words or [...]
  • For Writers by Writers

    FOR WRITERS BY WRITERS is a dialogue of many voices to establish the essence of the art of literary writing. Renowned writers of world literature give their views point on the art of writing. Each voice is articulated in a continuous discourse, led by the author, as if it was said by a single narrator.For Writers by Writers is presented as a practical guide for the new writer. From the experience of established writers, they are given advice to enter this fascinating world of literature. Each recommendation for experts and non-experts, will allow them to become good writers, and if they [...]
  • Tell me that you exist (Dime que existes) English Version

    Didn't finish writing this book soon, but the moral need for has finish it,sooner, I has precipitated this. Let us assume, that this book was the bestbook of poetry ever written, I speak of love, without saving rancor, withoutshowing love, but unsaved rancor. But this book is not absent altogether, butis conspicuous by the number of absences and pains that are shown in thesame. I know that it is written with hardness and cruelty, but that foreign andown feelings in my heart led me to this. If I have learned anything in the writing of this third book is, no one will pre-vent, you change [...]
  • Some Poems, Essays, and a Short Story

    These are some writings I would like to share with everyone. I began to write these little "works" in the UL, Ireland, and I have to thank that person who told me to continue with my writing. Thanks a bunch!  I would also want to thank those who support me.
  • Tema 6. ACTIVIDADES DE COMUNICACIÓN LINGÜÍSTICA 1. LA PRODUCCIÓN Y LA EXPRESIÓN. (Temario Oficial de Oposiciones Secundaria Inglés)

    Today, we, as teachers, focus much more on the Writing skill rather than the Speaking skill; this is a common mistake which is being erased from our educative reality more frequently. We must highlight both skills in the same measure and in order to overpass one; we should put more emphasis on the Speaking skill. Which is the one abandoned in the last twenty years in our country.
  • Moments, Letters from India

    It is an existential, intimate book, of easy reading and spontaneous humor, which shares with the reader the experience and emotions of a woman who, at the age of fifty five, after having remained inside a cardinalate with all his decisive life, decides to realize a trip alone to another side of the world: to the India, country that as tourist she had visited already in other occasions and of which she had stayed prendada. She takes this decision because she knows that to reach the fullness is necessary to assume risks, to measure forces, to know her own limits. Beyond social conventions, of [...]

     This is the story of an innocent Australian girl who fought to reach her  un -certain destination through all her young life. The story was based to the  true facts  in its actual time of epoch ,including  all the personals  who  appeared  over the writing……,added my own  imagination and   unreachable  wishes  to  finalize  the  story.
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