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  • Deep down

    A tsunami floods A Coruña, that's why all the population has to move to the metropolitan area, leaving the prior A Coruña abandoned; to make the few people remaining there leave their homes government decrees zero zone and they cancel all the energy supplies. However, this few people gets by with colourful small business that attract tourism and recovering things that had been left there under the water. Xiana belongs to this last group and she earns a life with the resources the new situation offers. One day seeking for customers she bumps "by chance" into Ramón, an old boyfriend. [...]
  • Soluciones de raíz. Fertilizer Deep Placement (FDP) para la reducción de la pobreza en Vietnam´, CODESPA 2011

    Con un enfoque de mercado, CODESPA persigue encontrar una `solución de raíz´ a la pobreza rural de Vietnam a través del uso de gránulos de fertilizante en cultivos del arroz. En un marco de cuatro años, CODESPA ha desarrollado localmente la oferta y demanda en torno a la producción y suministro del fertilizante FDP. Además de generar empleos a través de alianzas estratégicas con actores públicos y privados, el fertilizante ha tenido un impacto positivo en el rendimiento de los cultivos, el empoderamiento de mujeres y en la generación de ingresos de las [...]

    The book guides us through a wonderful journey about the enigmatic fundamental components of reality. The author, with more than 20 volumes published, reveals in this entertaining work the behavior of quantum particles and their incredible paradoxes in the tunnel effect, the superposition of states and quantum entanglement...
  • Letras de Rock & Roll

    Este libro es una selección de unas cuantas canciones de Rock & Roll inspiradas en la música de Burning, Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, Enemigos y tiene influencias de Lagartija Nick.
  • The Life of Charlotte Bronte

    The Leeds and Bradford railway runs along a deep valley of the Aire; a slow and sluggish stream, compared to the neighbouring river of Wharfe. Keighley station is on this line of railway, about a quarter of a mile from the town of the same name. The number of inhabitants and the importance of Keighley have been very greatly increased during the last twenty years, owing to the rapidly extended market for worsted manufactures, a branch of industry that mainly employs the factory population of this part of Yorkshire, which has Bradford for its centre and metropolis.
  • Mandalas para la armonía interior / Mandalas for inner harmony

    Un viaje hacia el interior de uno mismo. Un camino hacia la paz, la serenidad y el equilibrio que residen dentro de cada uno. 52 mandalas para colorear. Edición bilingüe español/inglés. An incredible journey that will take you deep inside yourself. Discover the peace, serenity and balance that lie within.   52 mandalas for colouring. Bilingual edition in Spanish and English.
  • The Great East Japan Earthquake Alive

    This is a vivid story of Great East Japan Earthquake. Even after I survived from an earthquake, I was wandering between life and death during my life in an evacuation shelter. I have to protect my own life by myself. I have no idea when tsunami would occur again. If worst, I need to live a primitive mode of life. At such time, you will notice that the happiest thing is to spend your daily life under ordinary circumstances. I am confident that this book is an expression deep from my heart for the future. I wish people could raise their awareness concerning education for disaster prevention and [...]
  • The Understanding of Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks

    After straggling with depression, anxiety and panic attacks for more than four years I can tell you that I know this world very well. When you find yourself in these conditions it feels like your life is over and you will never go back to be normal again. I still remember that feeling of fear, pain and anguish that used to be part of my life. But, I can affirm you that life can be better again, I am not promising you any magical formula or any kind of fast solution, what I want to share with you is my personal experience and what I have learned in this journey that took me to self-discovery. [...]
  • Asesino Binario

    Asesino Binario es una broma literaria con una trama divertida, futurista e impredecible, pero sobre todo, profundamente inmoral y con pasajes de una carnalidad enfermiza que podríamos etiquetar como «contenido para adultos». Concebida como una novela por entregas para la revista Yorokobu, el presente volumen recopila y amplía el universo del protagonista, un tipo gris que deja su trabajo en unos grandes almacenes para iniciar un viaje sin retorno por los rincones más oscuros de la Deep Web, donde su reputada esperiencia como sicario especializado y sus habilidades como hacker [...]

    The Lowell Foundation is the story of two cousins, Larry and Galo Ferrer, and their mutual friend, Antonio Cárdenas. Larry is immensely rich, but this does not preclude him from having a deep antipathy for the things of this world, and we see his self-realization in transcending the temporal bounds of the material world and his foray into what is truly the essence of the higher plane beyond the material one. Larry's real aim is the purgation of his spirit. By contrast, Galo is a man who gives precedence to his vital humanistic philosophy; he needs to do things to improve the world and the [...]
  • Windows Registry Forensics, 2nd Edition

    Windows Registry Forensics provides the background of the Windows Registry to help develop an understanding of the binary structure of Registry hive files. Approaches to live response and analysis are included, and tools and techniques for postmortem analysis are discussed at length. Tools and techniques are presented that take the student and analyst beyond the current use of viewers and into real analysis of data contained in the Registry, demonstrating the forensic value of the Registry. Named a 2011 Best Digital Forensics Book by InfoSec Reviews, this book is packed with real-world [...]
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  • Deep Space (deepspace)

    Bienvenido a la sección de libros de Deep Space. Aquí podrás encontrar nuestras publicaciones o las de nuestros autores.
  • Comentarios post-Apocalípticos (puse el tema solo para poder decir esto...)

    Antes de nada me apena no haber visto ángeles exterminadores, serpientes devorando el sol o las fauces de Fenris. Está claro que sois una panda de [...]
  • Erase una vez... 2ª Edición - Tema: Sucedió en el siglo XIX. COMENTARIOS

    cita de jpiquerasEspero poder darle mañana los últimos retoques a mi relato decimonónico.Mañana por la noche lo subiré al hilo [...]
  • Los psicólogos me odian!

    Hallo, Luigi and let me congrats for your sky rocketed sales.I watched at your book page and that hold on amazon. Both of them look porfessional and well [...]
  • Mi hilo para hablar solo como Salazar

    cita de nosebundosPato: Dice aburrido, literalmente aburrido. Y yo digo que será verdad en algunos casos, pero que no en todos, digamos al tun tun mitad y [...]
  • Natascha_Kampusch

    A defiant 10-year-old Natascha Kampusch slammed the door on her mother on the day that she was kidnapped after a blistering row full of chilling omens.Frau [...]

    Hola. Sólo quería anunciar la presentación de mi libro MAGNA CULPA NOSTRA el próximo miercóles día 13 de noviembre, a las 20 horas, para [...]
  • Radio Bubok. Ahora suena...

    Empezar un nuevo lunes siempre es jodido. Parece que el universo esté más agresivo cuando los agresivos solo son algunos locos que no pueden controlar la [...]
  • Servidor CyberFenix S6

    hola le traigo un juego    Servidor CyberFenix S6   Los invito a unirse a la Comunidad MuCyberFenix S6 Episodio 1 Tenemos un Servidor [...]
  • Troll Wars

    BUBOK; First thing I'm going to do when we get back is eat some decent food.DANIEL; I've had worse than this, but I've had better too, if you know what I [...]
  • XLIII Certamen de relatos. Mitología y seres fabulosos.

    El guitarrista de blues.-¡Bienvenidos a Clarksdale! Cuenta la leyenda que el gran Robert Johnson tuvo un encuentro con el diablo en uno de sus cruces de [...]

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