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  • Ebook: Blockchain Technology (English)

    Blockchain technology returns with even more strength after bitcoon scandals. This paper analyzes the technology that have raised the interest of the world's top leading banks worldwide. 
  • Ebook: Biometric technology (English)

    Biometric systems voice, face and fingerprint advance in personal recognition. Companies, banks and governments are interested in this technology that seeks to replace passwords.This paper analyzes the biometrics voice, face and fingerprint to improve current authentication processes.

    The central purpose of this book is to demonstrate the need to rethink teaching methods including new technologies in secondary education. 
  • Quantum Processes, Systems, and Information

    A new and exciting approach to the basics of quantum theory, this undergraduate textbookcontains extensive discussions of conceptual puzzles and over 800 exercises and problems.Beginning with three elementary “qubit” systems, the book develops the formalism ofquantum theory, addresses questions of measurement and distinguishability, and exploresthe dynamics of quantum systems. In addition to the standard topics covered in othertextbooks, it also covers communication and measurement, quantum entanglement, entropyand thermodynamics, and quantum information processing.This textbook [...]

    Librito de bolsillo infantil con unas preciosas Flashcards de los aparatos tecnológicos y gadgets actuales más comunes. Cada flashcard contiene una atractiva imagen y su correspondiente nombre en inglés. Ideal tanto para cualquier labor educativa, como para el hogar, los viajes, etc.,.Fantástica edición a todo color y en resistente papel de 115gr. para que resista el entusiasmo infantil.

    SPEAKING ACTIVITIES: GENERAL ENGLISH AND ENGLISH FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES is designed to help students with different learning needs and aims to improve their English dealing with common communicative tasks. Moreover, the format of the activities is also helpful to those students of EOIs who want to achieve the B1 level successfully. This book covers some of the topics  suitable for VET students: International Business.Good luck and I hope you enjoy this book!ESTEFANIA PEDROS MAS
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language

    The aim of this compilation is to provide students with the basics of language teaching. The idea of elaborating a book compiling some information obtained from several sources emerged from the need of giving those devoted to teaching English a theoretical basis which could be helpful in a near future.
  • Ebook: The 3D revolution (English)

    68% of the companies are upping their investment on 3D technology in 2015. This fact reflects how 3D is revolutionizing all sectors, rather than being just a trend. 3D printing is capable of producing solid objects with affordable materials, helping different sectors to design final products through the creation of three-dimensional models. These models are digital representations of what is going to be pronted through software. Healthcare was from the beginning the sector on which 3D printing thrived, but now many others have joined over this technology's advantages. In this ebook [...]

    Exercising your English Grammar is a grammar reference and practice book for students who want to improve their level of English. Explanations of each category are very visual and easy to understand and exercises will show you how rules work and how to avoid common mistakes.
  • BBVA Innovation Edge. Mobile Payments (English)

    The mobile payments trend, undoubtedly, is on its way of becoming a mainstream phenomenon. It will change how society thinks about monetary transactions. In this issue we sum up the best social business case study and we analyze future opportunities around it.BBVA InnovationEdge' is the first corporate multiplatform magazine focused on innovation. Each edition featuresarticles, analysis and huge information about a particular theme. The mainpurpose of the magazine is to express the new trends and the upcomingtechnologies that may impact to the financial industry.
  • Ebook: the new wallets (English)

    There are many trends that have the label that are called “emerging”, but the evolution that is happening in developing new virtual wallets can be a turning point in the performance of many financial services as we know them.  
  • Essential English Exercises

    English Exercises for flexible groups of 1ºESO: Lowest Level.
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