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    SPEAKING ACTIVITIES: GENERAL ENGLISH AND ENGLISH FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES is designed to help students with different learning needs and aims to improve their English dealing with common communicative tasks. Moreover, the format of the activities is also helpful to those students of EOIs who want to achieve the B1 level successfully. This book covers some of the topics  suitable for VET students: International Business.Good luck and I hope you enjoy this book!ESTEFANIA PEDROS MAS
  • Door to a new life

    This book was written to help those who sometimes feel that nothing can improve your life, this book is the beginning of a new life and a new way of thinking and dealing with things. Door to new life has a few pages which enables to carry comfortably anywhere and read it as often as needed.
  • The Sense of Life

    The Sense of Life is about phylosophy. It is plenty of scientific knowledge and, by the other hand, poetry about the secrets hidden by Life. This book whose writter was 25 years old when did it revels principles never said before. It is a travel by the inner sources of the modern thinking. Fears, questions, worries about generation of life, others ideas' worlds and the logos, the complete space and time toghether have been exposed in a fine language.
  • A life in a second

    Once we have finally decided which role we play in our lives, are we completely sure that this is the role we have chosen to play or be. Or could it be possible that we are a product of everybody else's agendas Alongside this third and final passage of the trilogy, we will discover simple and powerful truths that might take a second to be thought and a life to be lived, and that is what makes all the difference between you and everyone else. Let that second tell you how it's to be immortal.‹‹
  • At the end of my life

    A Corner of Paradise tells the story of a man who doggedly pursues the woman he loves, knowing that the love felt for her cannot be equal, cannot be replaced, and through the tragic events of World War II, the family vicissitudes , the succession of the difficulties of life, will unravel the journey of the protagonist, Michael, always seeking, stubbornly, belove Margherita. Reading thousands of times her letter, he will feel her scent while being away, imagine her caresses and longs to have her in his arms. Almost in a constant and only thought, in a love obsession that will see him chase [...]

    INTRODUCTION Soul , passion and life is a collection of voyages of life where the work reflects the deepest expressions of love, heartbreak hopes, fantasies, hate, pain, passion, sex, religion .- Shows how feelings can be infinite born to the most insignificant or the strongest moments of life and how you survive them incredibly ... It is a compilation of facts and real experiences that mark the good or bad experiences where the struggle for survival is the largest desafío. "The man's innate instinct to survive is what leads to experience the most sublime and beautiful passages as the most [...]
  • The Lamb of Life

    The Lamb of Life is a story that tells about a great sacrifice. A sacrifice that Yesu which is Jesus or savior in Swahili gave his life to save his friends. This story tells little children about the sacrifice that Jesus paid for all of us when he died on a cross. Este cuento es una historia que nos relata una historia de gran sacrificio. Un sacrificio que Yesu que traduce a Jesus o salvador en Swahili dio su vida para salvar a sus amigos. Esta historia enseña a los niños del sacrificio que Jesús pagó por nosotros cuando murió en la cruz.
  • Life on the Mississippi

    Life on the Mississippi (1883) is a memoir by Mark Twain of his days as a steamboat pilot on the Mississippi River before the American Civil War, and also a travel book, recounting his trip along the Mississippi River from St. Louis to New Orleans many years after the War.  

    Has been studied the Biology of cell from the point of view of Engineering, deepening on the electro-mechanisms capable of generate organic matter and self-replicate, built with dimers, on the polymerase capable to replicate the DNA, on the 3D structure of planning the embryonic development, on the markers that encourage the non-random evolution of genes, to finish detailing the origin of the life in their first organisms.

    We were pondering about the next subject to be addressed in another book that we prepared to write, so in front of so many themes that stood before us, thus maturing the ideas that were appearing in our mind, among some suggestions, appeared this that For us it has become more interesting, which we deem important, so why not also say that it is fascinating to compose a literary work about what we think and what we judge to be the real "Book of Life"!
  • The secret life of Spain

    Copyright: "Enrique Morata Senar"Copyright: "The secret life of Spain"ISBN papelDepósito LegalImpreso en EspañaEditado por Bubok Publishing S.L., 2015..
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