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  • Essential English Exercises

    English Exercises for flexible groups of 1ºESO: Lowest Level.

    Exercising your English Grammar is a grammar reference and practice book for students who want to improve their level of English. Explanations of each category are very visual and easy to understand and exercises will show you how rules work and how to avoid common mistakes.

    A QUICK GUIDE TO THE ENGLISH GRAMMAR is a reference book for all students at pre-intermediate and intermediate level. It provides a visual idea of the main uses of English verbal tenses. Moreover, it also gives a classification of the most used connectors in order to help students to write accurately.
  • My First Grammar Lab

    This course has been designed for students from complete beginner to high-intermediate level, however the teacher has to guide to the students in each topic of this book. I hope you enjoy using these materials.

    Esta pequeña Gramática inglesa, titulada “ELEMENTS OF ENGLISH GRAMMAR”  ha sido concebida para su uso en las clases de enseñanza del Inglés, específicamente pensando en alumnos de 14 a 18 años, de forma que sin demasiadas explicaciones teóricas dispongan de unos cuadros sinópticos tanto de la morfología de los componentes básicos de la gramática inglesa como también de los elementos sintácticos que permitan una rápida comprensión y utilización de ellos a la hora de expresar un pequeño discurso coherente de forma inteligible, sea [...]
  • The grammar of English grammars

    BROWN, Goold, grammarian, born in Providence, Rhode Island, 7 March, 1791; died in Lynn, Massachusetts, 31 March, 1857. He was descended from some of the earliest Quaker settlers of New England, and was educated in the schools and academies of his native state. At nineteen he began to teach a district school in Rhode Island, then a Friends' boarding school in Dutchess County, New York, in 1811.With forms of correcting and of parsing, improprieties for correction, examples for parsing, questions for examination, exercises for writing, observations for the advanced student, decisions and proofs [...]
  • Blending theories: An Image-schematic Construction Grammar (ISCxG)

    Following some key ideas from the theory of Cognitive Linguistics (the basic importance of image schemata in our conceptual -and, therefore, linguistic- organization, the centrality of language usage to create and fix new language constructions, the lexicon-grammar continuum, and the fact that language is an organized network of constructions (form- meaning pairs)) I will explain our usage of language to construct and communicate a mental construct which fuses grammatical constructions and lexical units by using image schemata as the basis of meaning construction and extension.
  • The Philosophy of suicide

    Through this poetic essay I invite you to dive into the depths of Being a girl I walk the more lush landscapes of agony, overwhelmed the harmful causes of depression that pushed her to the abysmal and insane decision to end his life.Call her with your name or the name of someone you know, that's not important, what matters is that experience she realized how truly essential, what really matters.-Nuzián  Notredame-
  • Matrix Graph Grammars

    If the aim of this book had to be summarized in a single sentence, it could be algebraization of graph grammars. An equivalent one would be study of graph dynamics.From the point of view of a computer scientist, graph grammars are a natural generalization of Chomsky grammars for which a purely algebraic approach does not exist up to now. A Chomsky (or string) grammar is, roughly speaking, a precise description of a formal language (which in essence is a set of strings). On a more discrete mathematical style, it can be said that graph grammars – Matrix Graph Grammars in particular [...]

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    Grammar is the structural foundation of our ability to express ourselves. The more we are aware of how it works, the more we can monitor the meaning and effectiveness of the way we and others use language. It can help foster precision, detect ambiguity, and exploit the richness of expression available in English. And it can help everyone--not only teachers of English, but teachers of anything, for all teaching is ultimately a matter of getting to grips with meaning.David Crystal.

    Communicative competence enables an EFL student to communicate and understand people in a different language than their mother tongue. We, as teachers, must provide the essential tools to our students in class in order to develop that competence in our students.
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