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  • Quantum Pearls

    The energy that moves everything 'is', it is everything what we have, at what we look, feel, touch. Those who use it meaninglessly obtains unpleasant results in their life and do not achieve what he or she wishes. On the other hand, those who use it in its favor have everything.The authoress of Quantum Pearls, Maria Helen Vaca, in these 18 years of therapeutic attention, daily practice, constant study and investigation in topics such as the Quantum Physics, Lines (Figures) of Time, Parallel Realities, Harmonizing life, Unconditional Love, Time and Distance, personalized coaching, the creation [...]

    Every year the goverments around the world give us a pill to sleep for some hours. The whole planet remains asleep at the same time, but... What would happen if you realise that you are not sleeping when you are supposed to be?The protagonist discovers a terrible secret hidden by the rulers of our world.Will he escape from his fate? VISITA MI PÁGINA WEB:
  • Tema 74. EL CINE EN LENGUA INGLESA. (Temario oposiciones Inglés Secundaria)

    The cinema in English language from its origins to 2010s. The most representative works, filmakers and the analysis of a relevant film.
  • La pronunciación del inglés británico

    Este libro le ayudará con la pronunciación del inglés británico,especialmente con los sonidos vocales. Además es bilingüe en inglés y español.
  • A Concise Anthology of American Literature

    I have tried to produce a manual which bridges the gap between the extensive current anthologies of American Literature and the students that are beginning to study English Literature at the University. We hope that at least part of this material included will turn out to be successful and, more important, stimulating and practical.
  • TEMA 9. ACTIVIDADES DE COMUNICACIÓN LINGÜÍSTICA (4) : LA MEDIACIÓN. (Temario Oposiciones Inglés Secundaria)

    The notion of linguistic mediation should cover everything that can happen when languages are in contact and there is some impulse for communication across their boundaries. When we learn the language of the other, that is a form of mediation. So is recourse to a pidgin, or to a lingua franca such as international English. Mediation might also involve a conversation in several languages, as in the use of passive knowledge of the other’s tongue, or the various forms of code-switching.
  • 73. LOS MEDIOS DE COMUNICACIÓN EN LENGUA INGLESA . (temario Oposiciones Inglés Secundaria)

    Analysis of the main mass media in 21st century: Internet, television,etc. According to the official topic to become an english teacher.

    Es la publicación de la tesis de doctorado del Dr. Armando Arévalo Hernández, "Evaluación de Daño Genético en Goodea atripinnis y Pelycanous erhytrhorhynchous del Lago de Chapala causado por COP´s", Tesis que implicó 4 años de investigación constante en el Lago de Chapala por ambos científicos, encontrando que existe Daño Genético en el hígado de ambas especies, debido tal vez a la presencia de Metales Pasados u otras substancias, pero no a los COP´S ( Compuestos Organo Persistentes) en virtud de que se encontraron por debajo del limite permisible, [...]

    This is the story of how a teenage boy, Pierre, arrives in Nicaragua to start, not only his high school education, but also his education in the realm of drug dealing among his fellow students and their friends.His friendship with Oscar evolves and a love affair develops with Gina, the girlfriend of one of the most powerful drug dealers in the country.  Out of these relationships Pierre tries to find his way through the confusion of money, power, and being a macho guy living his life on the edge of danger simply to impress his peers and his new girlfriend, Gina. This continues through high [...]
  • Pay the Piper (A Tango for Two)

    This is an English translation of the Spanish language play "Pagar el pato (Tango para dos)" by the Uruguayan playwright, Dino Armas, originally published in 2014. All Rights Reserved. The translator, Dave Luton, is a personal friend the play's author, and Mr. Armas has given his full permission for Dave Luton to translate and publish this play.
  • Whisper, the Cat

    In this new book, which represents his first literary work in English, Mr. Rotondaro present us with stories dealing with the interaction between a cat (Whisper) and a kid (Nicolas) from the perspective of the pet not the human. In an imagery tone, the events are narrated relating to different aspects of a child’s life, taking place in a kindergarten, in an adventure with nature, playing a game or visiting relatives. The main difference is that the narrator is not an adult, nor a child, but a cat!     [...]
  • El inglés británico, sencillo para ti

    Este libro es para las personas que están interesadas en el aprendizaje del inglés británico. Es ideal tanto para los principiantes como para los de un nivel más avanzado. Además es completamente bilingüe y tiene explicaciones de la gramática y traducciones de todas las palabras y frases.
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