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  • System and Experience

    The aim of this thesis is to provide a complete and useful description of what a videogame is. It is a common assumption amongst Game Scholars that videogames are systems: a set of interrelated parts that interact in different ways. This work analyzes the precise structure of that system and how it works.Videogames are a complex, multi-layered system that includes not only game elements, but the specific technology and the player. The videogame system has compulsory and optional elements that can be combined to create a vast range of videogames. Story is not an obligatory part of the [...]
  • Spanish education system 2009

    One of the main tasks of the Institute for Teacher Training and Educational Research and Innovation (IFIIE), is, since decades, the periodic preparation of reports describing the Spanish education system in a detailed and up-to-date way. This report constitutes a brief version of the one recently carried out by the IFIIE: The Spanish Education System 2009. Its methodology of work has been structured into three stages: 1) search, analysis, choice and classification of both state and regional regulations as well as official statistics, 2) juxtaposition of the information obtained, presented in [...]
  • D10 System ZERO

    Basic corebook for RPG with your friends. A set of rules to create and develop your own fantasy roleplaying. Easy, dynamic and intuitive. For roleplaying players of all ages and experience
  • Gps - Global Positioning System

    El mundo de Javier y Alicia cambia drásticamente cuando antes de realizar un viaje en vacaciones, deciden adquirir un GPS. Este GPS no es lo que parece. No es simplemente un dispositivo que les va indicando la ruta a seguir. En su interior esconde un gran secreto que afectará para siempre a la vida de ambos.
  • I.C.S. Incident Command System. Sistema de Gestion de Emergencias

    Detrás de un atentado, detrás de una catástrofe, detrás de muchas emergencias e incluso detrás de muchos eventos deportivos y culturales se encuentran servicios de bomberos, sanitarios, policías, voluntarios, pero también grúas, servicios funerarios, servicios de limpieza y servicios básicos de agua, electricidad, gas y teléfono.  Cada uno hace la función que desempeña su organización.  Todos trabajando sin un mando unificado sería la peor respuesta que se le puede dar a la sociedad, un caos sumado a la desgracia acaecida,  por ello, en este [...]
  • The witorg guide. A comprehensive approach to evolve your organizational system and achieve your goals

    The technological progress of recent decades, the globalization and an increasingly changing environment make some organizational systems in different areas and sectors seem obsolete. Both, governments and all types of organizations, watch helplessly as their organizational systems are unable to provide solutions to problems that exist today.   WITORG, through its guide, leads you to know in depth the key organizational elements and the connections between them of your organizational system. From that self-knowledge you can evolve your organization to reach your goals, raise new ones and [...]
  • Planning an Ecologic/Holistic Paradigm to prevent ("Bullying") in the Educational System of Puerto Rico

    El acoso escolar es un problema en las comunidades escolares que hagenerado interés a nivel mundial durante las últimas décadas.  De hecho, PuertoRico esta sumido en una crisis de violencia: en especial en las escuelas, con lamodalidad de acoso escolar o bullying y cyberbullying.  Por ende, este estudiose desarrolló con el propósito de diseñar una metodología usando laplanificación estratégica para elaborar un modelo ecológico y holístico paraprevenir el acoso escolar en las escuelas públicas y privadas e instituciones deeducación superior de [...]
  • Evolution-D

    This is a rule book to develop your own RPG campaigns and characters fast and easy. A unique system in just a single book. A real alternative for traditional RPGs.
  • MARBLE LAND ESCAPE - La Paz os dejo I

    In the Summer of 3492 The Solar System Exchange Terminal at Uranus is reporting great activity before an expedition to Planet Earth. Artificial Intelligence took the control of the Galaxy devoiding the Solar System from any living creature. Bacteria and viruses had ruled the Earth unchallenged.
  • English (PLUS) Professional Language User Solutions - BOOK #1 - HOW TO ESTABLISH A JOB PRIORITY LIST OF WORK TASKS

    BOOK #1:HOW TO ESTABLISH A JOB PRIORITY LIST OF WORK TASKS (This is serious business!)If you already have your ownsystem of establishing a priority list for your professional tasks, thencompare it with the suggested system above in order to determine if you canachieve even more success in your business.  If you do not use a system ofprioritizing your job tasks, then maybe you will give it serious considerationafter having read this article.  By choosing a time managementsystem that helps you accomplish your job tasks on time and in their order ofimportance, you will greatly enhance more [...]
  • The Power of Creation

    After the great dictatorships of Stalin and Hitler comes Thora. Democracies have been forced to accept a centralized information system and in a few years has led to the iron dictatorship that has ever existed. Thora accumulate all powers and nothing can be done against their mathematical and logical dictates. Humans have created the infallible system ... "The perfect dictatorship." But unwittingly, has also created the antidote to free you from becoming an implacable future ... maybe science fiction?

        In the present study, we have developed an heliocentric planetary model, checking that it Conforms to listings of ephemeris of usual geocentric model.    It has analyzed the multiple alignments susceptibles of to be cause of disasters.    It has searched the total alignment whose date is within the margin of error of radiological dating of the oldest rocks, and considering that the planets was originated in the tongue of fluxing material resulting from the collision of the two stars of the original Solar System, it have determined the date of start of planetary [...]
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