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  • Spanish Made High School Simple

    This book was written by an experienced Spanish high school teacher who believes that the best way to teach a foreign language is in a simple, well-organized fashion. This book is ideal for beginners as well as for intermediate to advanced learners. It presents basic vocabulary, basic to advanced grammar, as well as many useful conversational phrases. There are also sections on pronunciation and stress/accentuation, and verbs forms are presented in more than one format which makes this book more accomodating to different learning styles, especially to visual learners.
  • Characterization of High-Spin Excited States in the Nucleus 60Ni

    This thesis presents the results of an experimental study of the excited states of the 60Ni nucleus. High- Spin and highly energetic states in the 60Ni nucleus were populated using fusion-evaporation reactions. γ-rays were detected using the Ge-detector array Gammasphere operated in conjunction with ancillary detectors for charged-particles, neutrons and residual nuclei.
  • The Life of Charlotte Bronte

    The Leeds and Bradford railway runs along a deep valley of the Aire; a slow and sluggish stream, compared to the neighbouring river of Wharfe. Keighley station is on this line of railway, about a quarter of a mile from the town of the same name. The number of inhabitants and the importance of Keighley have been very greatly increased during the last twenty years, owing to the rapidly extended market for worsted manufactures, a branch of industry that mainly employs the factory population of this part of Yorkshire, which has Bradford for its centre and metropolis.
  • Destination Havana

    This novel is based on the life of Alfonso Nuñez Balboa, former Iberia commander with more than 25,000 flight hours under his belt. The nineteen thirties: Nuñez is a boy from a small town called Dos Barrios de Aragón. The flight of a plane captivates his heart. He could have never imagine that years later he would be wearing a pilot’s uniform. Before reaching his destination in Havana, though, he will have to navigate through the many and capricious paths presented by life. This is the story of a working class boy who ended up flying very high.
  • The Guru Business

    The Guru Businessby Sulocana dasaThe Hare Krishna Movement had a drastic shift and its public image and rapidly membership declined inmediatly after the founder-acarya guru Bhaktivedanta Swami. In the midst of ISKCON's great turmoil, a writter was murdered in a most brutal way by a fanatic disciple of New Vrindavana's palatial  in West Virginia. The take-over of ISKCON's government and control produced one of the darkest pages in contemporary religious events.Not for the weak-hearted, it's a chilling account from inside the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, involving high [...]
  • The Blood Pressure Solution - Control Your Blood Pressure Naturally

    Introduction 6Chapter 1: A Silent Epidemic 10Chapter 2: The Hidden Dangers of High Blood Pressure 12Breaking Down Blood Vessels 12Hurting Your Heart 14Killing Your Kidneys 15Brain Damage 16Problems in the Bedroom 17Eye Opening Issues 18Bad to the Bone 18Chapter 3: Understanding Blood Pressure 20What Is Blood Pressure? 20What Do The Numbers Mean? 21How Can We Change Our Blood Pressure? 23Chapter 4: Common Causes of High Blood Pressure 26Chapter 5: The Healthcare Industry’s Answer to HighBlood Pressure 29Chapter 6: The Blood Pressure Solution: Naturally Lower YourBlood Pressure 35Category [...]
  • The Cholesterol Solution Guide

    This is the only system on the planet that will allow you to completely reverse high cholesterol and blood pressure and clean up clogged arteries for good…The only 100% safe, natural, and easy to follow cholesterol lowering program out there that’s guaranteed to lower your cholesterol in 30 days.Just a few of the amazing secrets you’ll learn when you order your copy today:    Everything you wanted to know about cholesterol…or as I like to put it: your sworn enemy! Pg. 5    Why the cholesterol test your doctor gives is misleading –even to your doctor! [...]
  • Revista de educación nº 368. April-Jun 2015. Monograph: Critical Issues On Gifted Education And Talent Development

    Articles oncluded in this issue: Critical issues on gifted education and talent development ; From genes to talent: the DMGT/CMTD perspective ; Rethinking Giftedness: A Developmental Approach ; Tripartite Model of Giftedness and Best Practices in Gifted Assessment ; A Multi Criteria System for the Identification of High Achieving and Creative/Productive Giftedness ; Aurora Battery: A new assessment of successful intelligence ; Why Child Prodigies Are Important ; The Julian C. Stanley Study of Exceptional Talent: A Personalized Approach to Meeting the Needs of High Ability Students ; Flipped [...]
  • My First Grammar Lab

    This course has been designed for students from complete beginner to high-intermediate level, however the teacher has to guide to the students in each topic of this book. I hope you enjoy using these materials.

    This is the story of how a teenage boy, Pierre, arrives in Nicaragua to start, not only his high school education, but also his education in the realm of drug dealing among his fellow students and their friends.His friendship with Oscar evolves and a love affair develops with Gina, the girlfriend of one of the most powerful drug dealers in the country.  Out of these relationships Pierre tries to find his way through the confusion of money, power, and being a macho guy living his life on the edge of danger simply to impress his peers and his new girlfriend, Gina. This continues through high [...]

    A TALE OF TWO CITIESAs an example of Dickens's literary work, A Tale of Two Cities is not wrongly named. It is his most typical contact with the civic ideals of Europe. All his other tales have been tales of one city. He was in spirit a Cockney; though that title has been quite unreasonably twisted to mean a cad. By the old sound and proverbial test a Cockney was a man born within the sound of Bow bells. That is, he was a man born within the immediate appeal of high civilisation and of eternal religion.
  • Revista de educación nº 371. (Inglés)

    Causality in primary students' historical explanations ; Characterization of behavior of correctors when grading mathematics tests ; Opening the Black Box: post-war Spanish state schools ; Educational leadership in Europe: A transcultural approach ; Conjunctions in the writing of students enrolled on bilingual and non-bilingual programs ; Effects of gamified business simulations on entrepreneurial attitude at high school level ; Reasoning and heuristics in reading comprehension tests
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