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  • Mum comes home twice a week

    An old creepy mammoth manor sited in the frozen outskirts of an unknown city, holding a hopeless sorrow in the form of a young beauty mysterious girl, alone but for her mum, who comes home to pay her a frugal visit twice a week...

    A TALE OF TWO CITIESAs an example of Dickens's literary work, A Tale of Two Cities is not wrongly named. It is his most typical contact with the civic ideals of Europe. All his other tales have been tales of one city. He was in spirit a Cockney; though that title has been quite unreasonably twisted to mean a cad. By the old sound and proverbial test a Cockney was a man born within the sound of Bow bells. That is, he was a man born within the immediate appeal of high civilisation and of eternal religion.
  • 20000 leagues under the sea

    Professor Aronnax, his faithful servant, Conseil, and the Canadian harpooner, Ned Land, begin an extremely hazardous voyage to rid the seas of a little-known and terrifying sea monster. However, the "monster" turns out to be a giant submarine, commanded by the mysterious Captain Nemo, by whom they are soon held captive. So begins not only one of the great adventure classics by Jules Verne, the 'Father of Science Fiction', but also a truly fantastic voyage from the lost city of Atlantis to the South Pole
  • Bismarck and the Development of Germany The Period of Consolidation 1871-1880

    IN JUNE 16, 1871, the German Kaiser, preceded by Bismarck, Roon, and Moltke, entered the cityof Berlin on horseback in triumph at the head of forty thousand troops newly returned from France. George Bancroft, the American minister, described the scene."The via triumphalis was about three miles long, through streets as wide and in some placesthrice as wide as Broadway." Cannon captured from the French were parked in close order on both sides of the route, which was also lined by "flag-staffs garlanded and festooned with oak-leaves and evergreens."At intervals stood three huge statues made of [...]
  • Diario de un psicokiller

    Este es el diario de Jack Standford un asesino experto y psicopata de la familia Borgine, una organizacion mafiosa que gobierna parte de la ciudad de River City. Jack vive sin limites, entre prostitutas y alcohol se pasa el dia haciendo lo que le da la gana y eso hace que su jefe le lleve a un psicologo donde comenzara a escribir su diario, sarcastico, ironico, racista, homofobo, machista y sin ningun pelo en la lengua Jack escribira en su diario su dia a dia haciendo que le odiemos y le queramos a la vez.
  • Cuzco for you

    Cuzco for You  It is a tourist guide of the city of Cuzco , where we find various tourist information centers like . Machu Picchu , Sacred Valley of the Incas , Sacsayhuaman , historical center and many more.                                                                                                                                                          [...]
  • Bullying Time

    A sudden discovery at the city dump presages the worst outcome for the investigation being conducted by police officers Smithson and Green. In charge of investigating the disappearance of a secondary school student, police inspectors are forced to overcome their disagreements in order to unravel the complex relationships between secondary school students. "Bulling time" is a thriller that tries to understand the nature of school harassment as a reflection of the relationships maintained in adult society. "Bullying Phenomenon" is the protagonist of a story that tries to denounce all kinds of [...]
  • Reterritorialisation in Practice : The territorial reconfiguration of Bilbao

    As result of globalisation, cities become hubs of global circulation of goods, people, money, capital and commodities. This study provides empirical data, which support the fact that reterritorialisation imply the construction of key transport and communication infrastructures for urban-regional integration, such as underground, highways, ports, airports and railways. On this basis, the case of Bilbao is explored as a unit of analysis which reveals, while confirming several theoretical elements, that in spite of supranational agencies or international capital do not play a significant role in [...]
  • Lhasa

    Facsimile, London, 1906. An account of the country and people of Central Tibet and of the progress of the mission sent there by the english government in the year 1903-4. 530 pages, 16x24 cm. The early history and visitors of Tibet. The rise and progress of the Tibetian question. The road from India to Tibet. The Chumbi valley. The disaster at Guru. The advance to Gyantse. Arrival at Gyantse. The fight of the Karo La. The night attack on the mission. Life in the Besieged Post. Superstition: manners and customs: art. Internal history of Lhasa 1902-4. Lamaism. The Relief of the Mission. The [...]
  • Fascinante Luanda Fascinating

    A versão em Português e em Inglês, apresentam-se neste livro separadas por ilustrações e um mapa simples de Luanda.Luanda é uma cidade dura e fascinante. Uma cidade de contrastes, sempre em movimento, caminhando para o futuro. É difícil de conquistar, mas quando o conseguir, desejará permanecer para ver o que se segue. O objectivo deste livro é contribuir para a experiência do leitor em Luanda e, simultaneamente, partilhar a minha, para que possa desfrutar deste local. Os lugares que figuram neste livro foram seleccionados considerando que poderiam ajudar a [...]
  • I say goodbye

    The book tells the story of Anna and Lucia, two girls of Italian origin who after a happy childhood in Borneo, for an outburst decide to leave to settle in Italy. Arrived in Sicily encounter many difficulties in entering into a very closed society. They manage to find a job and even with a certain help a life partner. Have the opportunity to visit some of the beauties of Sicily, as the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento and Siracusa, but also in Rome with the splendid Vatican city and other monuments and places, Florence with its famous cathedral and its museums, Pisa with its leaning tower [...]

    Francisco Moura nasceu a 53 anos em Porto Alegre RS, acadêmico de letras começou a escrever lá pelos idos de 1973 quando contabilizava seus 17 anos. Naquele tempo já demonstrava um gosto e sensibilidade apurados para a poesia. Um idealista acredita que podemos realizar tudo aquilo que sonharmos com muita intensidade e paixão e este livro é a comprovação disto, nele estão compiladas poesias que são inspiradas em suas experiências pessoais ao longo de sua vida e também do cotidiano em geral. Artista plástico começou suas primeiras experiências nas [...]
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