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    Marc is a student of Medicine, he is in love with a girl next door; but she is not what he thinks she is... Sasha has a hidden side, and he is about to discover it. Have you ever loved to someone that you shoudn't? What would you do if you had to die to be with the love of your life? Are you ready to leave everything for a vampire girl?Mystery, love, supernatural creatures, suspense, everything in this story by the author Rafael Alcolea Harold. Visita mi página web: http://rafaelalcolea.blogspot.com.es/ Encontrarás muchos libros en Inglés GRATIS y mis novelas en Español. (Legado [...]
  • Memoria la bretxa

  • Preparation Course for B1 Level

    Preparation Course for B1 Level is aimed at giving an essential preparation for Cambridge Preliminary English Test, following the indications for the B1 Level given in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It touches every language skill (with the exception of listening). IMPORTANT NOTE: If you notice a grammatical mistake, do not doubt to contact with me so that it can be corrected for the next edition. 
  • TEMA 43. La Literatura medieval de transmission oral: La leyenda Artúrica. G. Chaucer : Los Cuentos de Canterbury.

    English literature did not actually exist before the late fourteenth century. In this period English finally began to replace French as the language of government. Geoffrey Chaucer's decision to emulate French and Italian poetry in his own vernacular would greatly enhance the prestige of English as a vehicle for literature.
  • TEMA 66. Dimensión cultural de la anglofonia en el mundo actual. El inglés británico y el inglés americano. Presencia de la lengua inglesa en España. Los Anglicismos

    that the English language has become the lingua franca, the language used for communication between people living in different countries in the world. The famous British linguist, Professor David Crystal in his book "English as a Global Language" states that English has become a global language because it has been at the right place at the right time.
  • TEMA 42.La Conquista Normanda. Influencia del Francés en la Lengua Inglesa. Préstamos y Calcos.

    The English language has borrowed a great number of French words and expressions. Some of this vocabulary has been so completely absorbed by English that speakers might not realize its origins.
  • Diccionario visual de inglés

    Español:Diccionario Visual de Inglés especial para Kindle.Contiene bonitas imágenes con términos frecuentes en inglés. El diccionario visual se encuentra dividido por temas: animales, comida, música, tecnología y transportes. Más de doscientos términos con sus correspondientes imágenes que convertirán el Kindle en un diccionario visual increíble.English:Special English Visual Dictionary for Kindle.It contains beautiful images with frequent terms in English. The visual dictionary is divided by themes: animals, food, music, technology and transportation. More than two hundred words [...]

    The emos, androgynous, intermediate in concept with the feeling to the surface, arising from a model copied from the mid-eighties, where the influence of music prevalent at the time, the hard core that underlay an emotion that was meant to be genuine , results in so called e have now.

    The emos, androgynous, intermediate in concept with the feeling to the surface, arising from a model copied from the mid-eighties, where the influence of music prevalent at the time, the hard core that underlay an emotion that was meant to be genuine , results in so called e have now.

    Grammar is the structural foundation of our ability to express ourselves. The more we are aware of how it works, the more we can monitor the meaning and effectiveness of the way we and others use language. It can help foster precision, detect ambiguity, and exploit the richness of expression available in English. And it can help everyone--not only teachers of English, but teachers of anything, for all teaching is ultimately a matter of getting to grips with meaning.David Crystal.
  • My First Grammar Lab

    This course has been designed for students from complete beginner to high-intermediate level, however the teacher has to guide to the students in each topic of this book. I hope you enjoy using these materials.

    The title of the theme that we proposed for the accomplishment of one more work concerns this important question of: "To be or not to be a writer", obviously was inspired by the celebrated phrase in English "To be or not to be is the question" Of the famous English writer William Shakespeare. So we initially consider that to be a writer of prestige or become a writer with some fame and respect can be something so significant and extraordinary that happened to be a wish or a dream of many, however, few reach this level so desired; However paradoxically may mean nothing or nothing to those who [...]
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Nuevo Examen DELE B1
Nuevo Examen DELE B1
Nuevo Examen DELE B1 supone una guía simple y completa para aprobar el nuevo examen oficial DELE B1. Actualmente, el Instituto [...] Ver libro
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