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  • FueRTeVeNTuRa iMPReSSioNS [english]

    The beautifulness of our world, you will remember it when it's gone. The best images of a small paradise called Fuerteventura. 52 images from this marvelously island for your pocket, looking for what you haven't seen during your stay, remember [...]

    This is my first scientific fiction story about forth coming future of the Earth. In this book, I have created five Alliances who came to the Earth in providing their great help …..not to attack nor destroy like all others have written in a disaster images….as well as their appearances. It was better to have their pleasant imagination towards to our future , as the present Earth are having enough problems to suffer. I do hope the Earth would turned out in a better situation to solution out , in a way I wrote…..at least, the written contents would might have providing you with a [...]
  • Let's talk about angels. In the beginning

    This book is a meeting point so as to solve doubts and fears, to receive orientation during a pleasant conversation from humor and love. I’m going to talk about angels, the spirit and spirits. Believe it or not, so as to be spiritual in this material world you must have a great sense of humor and perspective of the different realities, specially a lot of humor and unconditional love. If you don’t believe in anything of all this, nothing happens, read the book as if it were a science fiction book, like when you read “From the Earth to the Moon” by Julio Verne and it [...]
  • Build your nation.

    Introductions About this book, build your nation is a book that will encourage you to have more concern about the positive change of your nation growth. Every day we all hearing people calling for change bout not everyone want to be part of this change: in this book you will discover how you can be part of the positive change that you wish to saw in your nation.   Build your nation. Through wisdom is a house built and by understanding it’s established. And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches proverbs 24:3:5.   Build your [...]
  • Náttúra. Icelandic Landscapes

    Náttúra is nature in Icelandic. The book, collecting more than images of Iceland, is intended as a visual statement of love and respect that the author feels for some of the most spectacular scenes of the planet. Moving into the inhospitable, still unchanged, Icelandic landscapes is like to feel the heartbeat of the Earth, to look lost in the immensity of the desolate deserts of sand, to be mesmerized by the bright colors of their mountains, to vibrate with the roar of their waterfalls, to see eternal sunsets. Air, water, fire and Earth, the four elements that according to ancient theories [...]
  • Skulduggery Pleasant

    ¿Sabeis algo de este libro? ¿Lo ha leído alguien? ¿Me lo compro? Es que tiene buena pinta pero no se... También puede ser un mojón. Quien [...]

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