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  • The Understanding of Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks

    After straggling with depression, anxiety and panic attacks for more than four years I can tell you that I know this world very well. When you find yourself in these conditions it feels like your life is over and you will never go back to be normal again. I still remember that feeling of fear, pain and anguish that used to be part of my life. But, I can affirm you that life can be better again, I am not promising you any magical formula or any kind of fast solution, what I want to share with you is my personal experience and what I have learned in this journey that took me to self-discovery. [...]

    ABSTRACT   Objective: The aim of this literature review is to summarize the previous researches related with the role that plays physical activity and sports in the development and prevalence of eating disorders. Through analysing the principal lines of investigation in this topic, this literature review tries to show toward which directions are following the international publications attending these two parameters: eating disorders and physical activity. The presence of the national researches (Spanish) has been analysed too for determining the importance that our country gives to the [...]
  • 20 unique and healthy ways to overcome stress and anxiety.

    Anxiety and stress are among the most common experiences for most of the people of whom you are a parent. A study shows us that more than 70% of adults in the US verbalize stress or anxiety almost every day. I will show you 20 unique ways to overcome stress and anxiety stepby step.    
  • Healthy Children 108 Childhood Diseases, Food For Infants And Children, 109 Recipes, 623 Natural Treatments

    Sick children can also be healthy children with methods natural healing , they are effective and economical. This book presents natural treatments for many diseases, which are used by many peoples for thousands of years. We offer this information for you can use it in its discretion, always under surveillance care. If you have knowledge of other forms to heal naturally, we thank you from now you will send us this information, which should be for public use.· Healthy children are happy children. When a home is a healthy child, the parents are happier because the child plays and learns [...]
  • Fuck Diet, Slimming without regime

    Thins eating from the first day a pizza, hamburger, paella, pasta carbonara etc. discovers this new method to lose weight without dieting ,in a relaxed way and without passing through any stressful regime, in addition to being able to do this socially without anyone detect your new lifestyle, you will learn to eat in a fun way and healthy, without passing any restrictive process of calories.
  • the Fairy Queen

    Is a story about self-love, soul mate™s love and the importance of being a healthy and whole being: healthy self-esteem, healthy psychological boundaries and not being afraid of loving nor being love. The archetype of the fairy symbolizes someone who has learnt to love and is shining through her light, the wholeness that comes from the union of the heart and the mind. The archetype of the warrior is someone still afraid of feeling his emotions because he is still focus on pursuing material success and not attending his emotional/heart demands, consequently is afraid of feeling love, [...]

    576 natural diets and Recipes for 20 diseases acne, dyspepsia, indigestion, allergies, tonsillitis, anorexia, iron deficiency, asthma, bronquitis, diarrhea, constipation, gastritis, flu, herpes, fatty liver, prostatitis, sinusitis, tuberculosis, duodenal, gastric, ulcers. Food is medicine in Peru for over 1,000 years, when the ancient Peruvians consumed organic foods (not contaminated) that generated no diseases, just being, was an earthly paradise. In Peru now, happily, we have a range of climates and altitudes, a geography very complicated, but favorable for the growth of machismo [...]
  • The Recycle Gang

    In the last few decades, humankind has started understanding the importance of preserving the environment, which has been deteriorating due to irresponsible use by many people of our natural resources. Slowly, responsibility has been accepted, and an understanding that everyone needs to contribute to mantain an ecological equilibrium for the generations to come, is finally being accepted. there is no doubt that with this humble but significant contribution, Luis Lopez participates in the emormous task ahead of us.

    As we penetrate more deeply and intensely in Solomon's Song of Songs despite difficulties in understanding the text that is part of a context that for many is a book that presents a content that the reader and scholar of the Holy Scriptures sees as somewhat embarrassing in the way He expresses his words considered as sensual that occurs between the dialogue of two lovers, King Solomon and Shulamita. For the better understanding of this unique biblical lyric work, in this peculiar scenario involving King Solomon and the Shulamite it is necessary to reflect on some important aspects, we believe [...]
  • Catalonia is Gastronomy

    In Catalonia, eating is much more than a pleasure, it is an experience. Groups of Catalan cuisine, restaurants with Michelin stars and the best chefs in the world meet in this guide.Reserve your table!
  • Two Suitcases for one sole voyage (The Junction of the Souls)

    How many people who live together "relate" with their partners, understanding a "relationship" as a mutual apprenticeship

    The sociolinguistic competence in effect "requires an understanding of the social context in which language is used: the roles of the participants, the information they share, and the function of the interaction.
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  • Troll Wars

    BUBOK; First thing I'm going to do when we get back is eat some decent food.DANIEL; I've had worse than this, but I've had better too, if you know what I [...]

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