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  • Theology of sport: Object, Sources and Method

    In the present book, the results obtained from an investigation of the theological concept of sport are reported; its sources, topics, methods and effects, as expressed by authors who have been interviewed, such as Alessio Albertini (Italy), Alexandre Borges (Brasil), Greg Smith (USA), Stuart Weir (UK), Javier Zárate (Paraguay), Jim Penrice (USA), Jonathan Rúa (Colombia), Santiago Valencia (Colombia), Sergio Adarme (Colombia), and Susan Saint Sing (USA), and those found in textbooks of authors who were not interviewed; such as Carlos Mazza (Italy), Dietmar Mieth (Germany), Eber Rojas [...]
  • A concise Anthology of English Literature

    This handbook is built round the English literary production from the VIII century on. I tried to include the most important and classical authors in every century.
  • UNIT 54. MARK TWAIN , HENRY JAMES : HUMORISM AND COSMOPOLITANISM. Temario Oficial Oposiciones Inglés Secundaria

    Twain was against the role of humorist that had been thrust upon him. But it is true that the source for his humor comes from the Far West in Nevada. Henry James became an expatriate. Many American authors came to publish their works to Britain in order to avoid piracy by American publishers, and they stood long periods in the old continent. James is a good example of this Cosmopolitanism.

    The author of a seminal work of Nazi ideology, The Myth of the Twentieth Century (1930), Rosenberg is considered one of the main authors of key Nazi ideological creeds, including its racial theory, persecution of the Jews, Lebensraum, abrogation of the Treaty of Versailles, and opposition to what was considered "degenerate" modern art. He is known for his rejection of and hatred for Christianity, having played an important role in the development of German Nationalist Positive Christianity.
  • Y SIN EMBARGO magazine #15, inter-visto

    La estructura de Y SIN EMBARGO magazine #15,“inter-visto issue” gira alrededor de 15 entrevistas a ‘autores’ y 15interpretaciones gráficas de estas entrevistas por otros ‘autores’. Lanoción que subyace y sobrevuela es la de “diferencia & repetición”.Cada entrevista consta de las mismas 15 preguntas, aportadas anónimamente una por cada uno de los entrevistados.Cada entrevistado ha elegido qué y de qué manera responder.Cada entrevista ha sido re-interpretada gráficamente por otros 15 autores.# # #The structure of Y SIN EMBARGO [...]
  • THE BIBLE His Fantastics Treasures!

    Particularly one of the ideas of treasures leads us to recall many stories we read hear and were told about events that occurred throughout the history of mankind, especially in more recent times. Some are real and others have been created by the imagination of the authors. The literature has explored this very topic that was and remains largely being applied in the publication of books that have become films plays and documentaries. Many stories have become famous and are already well known to many, however, several other stories are little known. However when discussing about treasures for [...]

    The literature of the 20th century has an overwhelming preoccupation with the self, the nature of consciousness, and the processes of perception. Literature is often subjective, and personal and internal.   Authors are concerned with the fragmentation of both experience and thought. Many employ stream-of-consciousness: the fluid, associational, often illogical, sequence of the ideas, feelings and impressions of a single mind as seen in the works of Virginia Woolf and James Joyce.  
  • Social Medicine in the 21st Century

       PLoS Medicine™s October 2006 issue contained a special collection of eleven magazine articles and five research        papers devoted entirely to social medicine. The collection featured many of the leaders in the field,  including Paul Farmer, Arthur Kleinman, David Satcher,Nancy Scheper-Hughes, Dorothy Porter, and Leon Eisenberg.  The Kaiser Family Foundation has conducted interviewswith two of the authors of papers in this collection, David                  Satcher and Paul [...]
  • The Axiological Crisis at the Heart of All of the Crises That Afflict Our World How to handle It

    Given the human and scientific importance of Corbis proposal of rational postulation of the absolute dimension, it is of scientific interest to detect basic points of agreement in regard to this issue amongst other authors, even if the agreement is not total. This is particularly true when such agreement is found in scientific approaches conceived of and carried out with very different aims and focuses, such as the structural analysis of praxis undertaken by philosopher Antonio González. Not only is it of scientific interest but, as is usually the case in such instances, it is also a much [...]

    Attracted to GodSpiritual Exercises are an occasion to listen more attentively to the divine voice, “Listen to me, son, acquire knowledge and apply your heart to my words.” (Eclo 16,23)This manual of Spiritual Exercises is the result of the author’s meditations, prayers and reflections during various stays in the Monastery of Poblet.  We offer and share them with all those people who wish to use them, in their day to day life or in the context of a long retreat, to deepen the following of Christ, to grow as children of God and reflect over the meaning of life.  We also [...]
  • Sibelius Ultimate Plugins List

    Listado de Plugins para el editor de partituras Sibelius Ultimate (Avid). Para su uso con el programa y anotar comentarios sobre funciones y plugins preferidos.  Incluye la lista de los autores del desarrollo de los mismos y enlaces a las páginas donde se publica la información en Internet.  https://www.avid.com/es/sibelius-ultimate --- List of Plugins for the score editor Sibelius Ultimate (Avid). For use with the software and write down comments on preferred features and plugins. It includes the list of authors of their development and links to the pages where the [...]
  • QRZASTE TWORY. ART BY QRA. Zbiór prac autorstwa Agnieszki Kurek. A Collection of Works by Agnieszka Kurek

    Zbiór prac autorstwa AgnieszkiKurekOkraszony refleksjami zduszA Collection of Works by AgnieszkaKurekEmbellished with a few soulful reflectionsWykorzystano teksty poetyckienastpujcych autorów: The poetical works of the following authors have beenused within: WisawaSzymborska, Halina Powiatowska i/ and Henri Michaux (tumaczenie/ translatedby: David Ball, Maya Peretz, Stanisaw Baraczak and Clare Cavanagh)Redakcja, projekt graficzny, wstp i notka biograficzna  Marta Maria ChmielowiecEditing, graphic design & layout, foreword and bio by Marta [...]
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  • Qué es Bubok

    En este foro puedes hacer todas las preguntas que quieras sobre nosotros. No te quedes con las ganas de saber nada.Te explicaremos qué es Bubok, [...]
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    ¿Tienes algún problema al utilizar Bubok? ¿Hay algún proceso que te da problemas o tienes algún problema que no puedas [...]
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    Aquí puedes preguntar o comentar o informar o promocionar todo lo que quieras, sin límites. Cuéntanos quien eres, pregúntale al [...]
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    Aprende, participa, desarrolla tu talento, intercambia experiencias, perfecciona tu técnica...
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