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  • Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    Esta es la guía definitiva para entender cómo Google funciona a la hora de valorar todas las webs. De esta forma, conociendo el mecanismo interno de Google, podrás anticiparte a ello y mejorar drásticamente el posicionamiento y el rank que Google dará a tus webs.

    It is a science fiction novel about a girl who was raised by a family that had enough resources. Don Marcos, his father went through various misfortunes in the villages that came in search of his little daughter Matilda.
  • Apparitions

    Feverish stories, spontaneous thoughts filled with the purity of the moment, written with the hear in pure flesh. Stories about life and destiny... love and anguish, search and loss... A compilation of pieces of time, uniting them into the nowness of the moment in which you want to start discovering yourself through these pages.
  • The best poems to sing

    It is incontestable that the poem can become a song in the future, so this means that the songs are poems, then when a singer decides to sing a song, the first step is to search the most beautiful words which may have an impact on the listener. Finally, I can say that you have to choose: The best poems to sing...
  • Fieldmarshall Erwin Rommel

    The realization of a man's ambition is possible only within the limitations imposed by his physiology and psychology. If, in addition to exploiting their natural endowments to the full, illustrious leaders could but detect, evaluate and subjugate their frailties, how much more contented and effective they might be, and how different the course of history. Consider the biographical details of the 'Great Captains': how many of them managed to check the onward rush of their careers before becoming overstretched by sheer exhaustion or by attempting feats beyond their capacity?In particular, [...]
  • THE BIBLE His Fantastics Treasures!

    Particularly one of the ideas of treasures leads us to recall many stories we read hear and were told about events that occurred throughout the history of mankind, especially in more recent times. Some are real and others have been created by the imagination of the authors. The literature has explored this very topic that was and remains largely being applied in the publication of books that have become films plays and documentaries. Many stories have become famous and are already well known to many, however, several other stories are little known. However when discussing about treasures for [...]
  • The Modern Concept of Communication

    THE MODERN CONCEPT OF COMMUNICATION explores the meaning of this term in modernity. From the Philosophy of Language, developed by Karl-Otto Apel, progress towards a conception beyond a technical definition, and then, we define the communication to consider human factors, which they were left out of the classic scheme of communication.PRESS AND PRESUPPOSITION analyzes the semantic consequences and the understanding of the contents, when the journalist uses wrongly presupposition in his writing of news. He assumes the reader is a consumer of news, and not an occasional reader, whom should be [...]
  • Internet y Seguridad

    Internet y Seguridad. WAM - Web Anti-Malware. Issuu Inc. California (EE.UU.). 2010. Comunicación técnica de las VII Jornadas de Blogs y Medios de Comunicación - BYMC (15-16 abril 2010) presentada en la modalidad de Flash Talks y celebradas en la sede de la Asociación de Prensa con la colaboración de la Universidad de Granada (España). Introducción. 1. Análisis, detección y eliminación de Malware.2. Protección con contraseña del puerto 8080, actualizar a IE8 e implementar un host local.3. Cambiar la clave de acceso FTP y modificar el archivo .htaccess. Conclusiones. Google [...]

    It is a unique privilege to continue with our modest contribution participating more this research, whose main source is the Bible, in which we seek the texts concerning this subject and did a filling with our comments and considerations about life, achievements and the works of Paul, this is considered the great apostle of Christ. So imbued more this task would first like to thank our wonderful God for giving us this precious opportunity that we are offered which is to present this work as something more than produced in the form of subsidies in the midst of so many writings on this theme [...]
  • me, Me, ME. Oops! Why not?

    Life is a strategy at all levels and your life is your personal project, and what a nice one it is! If you dont take the risk to search and find answers, if you never dare yourself to do anything that feels uncomfortable, you will never know, everThe things you didnt do because you labelled them crazy or ridiculous, all the unreachable goals you created in your mind, those are the things you will regret, all the what ifs of your lifeYou can change all that, you now have that one chance to shout out loud:Oh, yes I can!! Thats the stuff that shapes your future, the stuff that makes history, the [...]
  • Spanish education system 2009

    One of the main tasks of the Institute for Teacher Training and Educational Research and Innovation (IFIIE), is, since decades, the periodic preparation of reports describing the Spanish education system in a detailed and up-to-date way. This report constitutes a brief version of the one recently carried out by the IFIIE: The Spanish Education System 2009. Its methodology of work has been structured into three stages: 1) search, analysis, choice and classification of both state and regional regulations as well as official statistics, 2) juxtaposition of the information obtained, presented in [...]
  • Como generar dinero los youtubers

    Voy a enseñarte los puntos claves de optimización para tu canal de Youtube, los errores más frecuente, para obtener mejores resultado y beneficios con un plan específico en ganancias Youtube. Ideal para principiante que desean monetizar Youtube, empezar a construir su propio canal y que no saben cómo ser youtuber de éxito. No lo dudes y empieza a subir videos a tu canal configurado para search engine optimization por un precio bajo, pero de alta calidad, olvídate de couching, cursos o seminario que te cobrarán más de [...]
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Poemes de la realitat
Poemes de la realitat
Aquest llibre de poemes ve a reflectir les diferents concepcions de la realitat que l'autor ha pogut copsar en diferents episodis de la [...] Ver libro
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