the power of unity

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In this book evg. Osifo gives out 50 insight of unity inspirations ,thruogth the heartpouring wisdom and the anointing of the holy spirit, details of the book,the book contains eighty pages.Eg, creative by unity in page 3, unity can stop the crisis in page 51, religios solution in page 18, perdon one sin for Christ sake in page 57, breaking the yoke of hardship in page 53, shab ,return back to the lord in page 60, unite with praises in page 71, unity in marriage in page 10, unite with your family in page 12etc.This book is spiritually loaded that will energyze you and your family and those around you.Call now to grab your copy and be part of those that will be nourished with this lucrative word of God,if you have also read our first book tittle 25 keys of wisdom we will love to hear your testimony,friends may God bless you all for all your prayers in Jesus name amen.

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