Willie the worm

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This is an absurd and vulgar lampoon. It falls short of a real parody since I have no idea what is being parodied. Instead, it rests mainly on a series of impossible dialogues that serve to prove the basic thesis - the whole world is ridiculous, especially worm world, the world where worms live.Willie, a crude and pathetic little worm, must save the world from the excesses of a decadent king. The king has imposed an unnatural order on worm world. A psychotic self-appointed potentate, he proposes to hand over his subjects as if they were packed lunches to placate a mob of encroaching moles who seek more living space. A hoard of sycophantic hangers-on and a large bodyguard of Asiatic origin sustain the king in his heinous stratagem.Willie, much against his love of indolence, is thrust into the role of saviour. He is assisted in his mission by a talkative hedgebog and an irritable ant - and by the mole mob itself, unhappy with the enemy's tactics. The task is complicated by a worm of lose morals who is a reluctant double spy, by an ex-con mole fallen from grace as well as by the lack of interest on the part of Willie's fellow worms. The presence of Willie's ambitious and nagsome wife is irritating for all concerned. An ever-ready member of the king's court and a correct and incorruptible chief of the worm watchers (a sort of congenial Gestapo) both help and hinder Willie's job. Ultimately, Willie must confront the king, with mottled consequences. As a result, and for no apparent reason, he is declared the true saviour of worm world, a hero in his time, a phenomenon...Mike Coleman lives in Madrid

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