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576 natural diets and Recipes for 20 diseases acne, dyspepsia, indigestion, allergies, tonsillitis, anorexia, iron deficiency, asthma, bronquitis, diarrhea, constipation, gastritis, flu, herpes, fatty liver, prostatitis, sinusitis, tuberculosis, duodenal, gastric, ulcers.Foodis medicine in Perufor over 1,000 years, when the ancient Peruvians consumed organic foods (notcontaminated) that generated no diseases, just being, was an earthly paradise.In Perunow, happily, we have a range of climates and altitudes, a geography verycomplicated, but favorable for the growth of machismo organic foods, grownalmost alone in the rain and small plots. As we have no large tracts of landfor crops, except in the Peruvian coast (in its lower part, and entered themodernization), and in the Peruvian jungle (still does not fit modernization),we can say that this miracle of having few land tracts, mostly peasants haveone hectare on average, and this form of fragmentation of land makes us ownersof many organic food and medicinal properties. Such Peruvian organic food iswhat we look for a medical supply, we must go with our customs, do what ourancestors did for thousands of years, feeding on natural products without muchtechnology. These medical foods we can find in many small towns around theworld. Now food is mostly transgenic or canning or animals are fed in series and withrapid growth (hormonal), these foods are accepted by the scientific communityas trainers evils of 20th and 21st centuries, known as cancer, depression,anorexia, etc. That's why our food should be organic and healthy, somethingincreasingly rare in the capitals of the countries of the world, but in smalltowns can still see this healthy eating with healthy people. That is what todo, to feed organic food to get to live fully up to 100 years. When your mother you buy a food like fruits,vegetables, etc.., Try to follow these general guidelines, but gives us theexperience that science, eating dark green leafy vegetables mostly raw orsteamed (avoid very cooked or canned), eating raw red onions, pink eat rawgarlic, preferably on an empty stomach (1-5 cloves, crushed or ground); includeorange vegetables like carrots and intense, and so on., between choosingvegetables black beans by the quantity of protein from fish are best known asthe dark blue fish for its high content of omega-3 small black grapes of aninch, including seed crushed, eating black or yellow potatoes, including skins(avoid potatoes white), and add to salads virgin olive oil (omega 3) or fishoil, among the fruits are recommended to peel mandarins and everything, plus grapefruit(pink) are preferable tocanned fresh fruit (Jean Carper 2008). Milk deserves a separate paragraph. The good breast milk is the only one whoshould give the baby for two years minimum. There is then an alternative milkis cow's milk from the cow to the pot, the pot-to-mouth, an additive-free milka day. In my little experience and lots of trips to small towns and large, Ihave only seen men and strong women in the field, those who drink milk straightfrom the cow on that day: On changes in the major cities of men and women areincreasingly weaker despite taking more milk, canned, bagged, formula, men andwomen do not see strong and less healthy. My recommendation is cow's milk onlyin the countryside sites and in large cities should be confined feeding milkstored for two days or months (sacha barros 2005).

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