HEALTH, a right of the people

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The printing of this book concluded during the first days of April, 2005, when I occupied the post of Vice President of the Republic. Its “presentation “ had been planned for April 7, World Health Day, but had to be postponed due to the political convulsion that affected the country and which culminated in the popular uprising of April 20, at which time I had to take over the Presidency of the Republic. Some 800 copies remained in storage, and only a few of these saw circulation. I have had to rewrite and bring up to date several pages, so that there is ade- quate correspondence between the original proposal and the progress that has been finally achieved, especially during the first months of this year 2006.Following the majority of proposals that I have undertaken, Universal Health Insurance (UHI) has its origin in my medical practice, more than in public service, which has been compara- tively limited and sporadic.I started my practice halfway through the decade of the 70s, after concluding my five-year postgraduate degree in the United States.

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