After the End Game

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The Year is 2074 and the Earth liesin blacken distress below the forever-scorched skies. The sparse remainder ofHumanity is united in one sole purpose; survival. Citizens are in awe of theirLeaders, the Saviours, who stepped in to save Mankind from the wars, terror andthe devastating effects of the H50 flu virus that brought Civilisation to itsknees and threatened the very existence of our species. Citizens obey every lawwithout question, not to do so will lead to excommunication from the Leader’sprotection and a plunge back into the horrors of the past. Johan is a younglabourer working to complete the construction of New London. As punishment forfailing another Social Advancement exam he is sent below the city into theravaged ruins of their past, our present. There he stumbles across an old computerand the shocking and disturbing reports recorded on it by a young Journalist inthe ‘Year of Hell’ 2016. Johan sets out on a perilous journey that will exposea truth so dreadful that it casts not only doubts upon the origins ofHumanity’s demise but upon the true relationship between the God like Leadersand the Citizens who worship them. With only his faithful friend Duncan to aidhim, Johan must let go of all that he has been taught and led to fear andchallenge the very fabric of the society that keeps him safe. His eyes will beopened. He will discover the End Game that killed billions.

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