The last musa

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The last muse is based on the personal struggle of a father who longs earnestly to see her daughter, who only saw the day he was born.After the divorce from his Mother, a form of revenge she does not let his father have no affinity with his daughter, let not recognize it, much less that he can bring her child.All this encourages him to go to court to recognize their rights as parents, never denied, nor shuns his responsibility (like most men), hoping to give him a monthly stipend as well as his daughter to visit her According to that opinion on the law, while he looked forward to the trial he shares his experience through text messages, thus forging a large circle of friends who support him morally, its interest to the writer Olga Ricart, which coincidentally is named after one of her sisters, she moved as she does find a way of contacting him to deepen the subject and write ...The last muse takes us into very deep emotional states, the author emerges as the feelings of Bolet Muxarno (the protagonist of the play), made great friends through a website, but that increases affinity state of her ends completely in love with him.The author acknowledges several paragraphs to his feelings, tells her immense desire to meet him personally two of the most moving paragraphs are:Muxarno Bolet has managed to take over my feelings, I never tire of saying "I love him with his faults and virtues," I love him in a detached, the detached way that I can give up everything, all I have, everything I am so soon to shake hands with my head and tell him I love him, at least that ...Before you just listened and wrote about love, and made it because he saw it as something far away, I now believe in love, indeed the latter one muse is the first book that stole my dream and heart, while his girlfriend finished protagonist"The last muse a captivating book from beginning to end, a work made for one believe in love, believe in love again in today's era of isolation, in an era in which one has become so materialistic "...Nuzi Notredame (Author)

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