Healthy Children 108 Childhood Diseases, Food For Infants And Children, 109 Recipes, 623 Natural Treatments

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Sick children can also be healthy children with methods natural healing , they are effective and economical. This book presents natural treatments for many diseases, which are used by many peoples for thousands of years. We offer this information for you can use it in its discretion, always under surveillance care. If you have knowledge of other forms to heal naturally, we thank you from now you will send us this information, which should be for public use.· Healthy children are happy children. When a home is a healthy child, the parents are happier because the child plays and learns things every day, is a hyperkinetic and intelligent child gives joy at home. Having healthy children should be as common in the vast majority of families that are formed. A large majority of children born are healthy and therefore happy. Continue healthy if their mothers breastfeed their children until age two complementing it with organic food. And from 2 years to 12 years will be strong and healthy if their diet is adequate.· There is a small percentage of sick children, either because they were born so or because they acquired a disease from infection (bronchitis, asthma) or a virus (flu) or a poor diet (allergies). When a child is sick there is sadness in the house, the child is drowsy or quietly in bed, do not play with their friends, cry for anything, it becomes capricious as some mothers to give presents unnecessary, the whole family is caring for the children because it is a major concern and the time lost in this disease is one time the child stops learning new things and not smiles.

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