COMPANIES that Thrive! What's their secret? What're their strategies?

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Resulting from an agile analysis of the strategies that have been utilized by companies that the author identifies as winners and which would explain the success they have achieved (a non-linear, disruptive, provocative perspective which challenges conventionalisms and the pre-existing rules of play in their industries and exemplary execution), the ESADE professor, Enric Segarra develops and presents a new tool of strategic positioning –tremendously practical, visual and intuitive– which must serve the reader not only to understand how these companies achieved success but also to situate their companies –and their competitors– in context according to the strategy followed by; draw and interpret your possible movements of attack and defense, identify and explore new possibilities to do business within what is today your natural market…as well as beyond and, finally, play to play beat my own business! Without suffering any damages more than having a bee in your bonnet…in case that which you simulate ends up really happening!

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