Poems and Thoughts of a Mortivore in Love

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As complex as human life can be, it all starts with a birth. Although we only have one birthday, methinks we have several births. The very same God’s firstborn once taught: “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God”.(St. John 3:3) Our birth takes place not only when we are biologically born and draw our first breath, but also when we get baptized in a church and are spiritually “reborn”, when we make a change in our lives and make a new start, and when we escape from death and feel like given another chance. In the very same way that we can be born again, perhaps, we can also die over and over again and have several deaths; not only when we physically draw our last breath, but when we quit a vice, the addict part of us gives up the ghost, when we move into another house or town, a part of us stays where we feel like we belong, when we lose a dear friend with whom we have shared invaluable times, a part of us also passes away, and even becoming an adult kills our self child and brings up a grown-up. Though passing away is not something everybody likes talking about, we all experience it day in and day out throughout our lives. The poems contained within this book were written by a dead part of me, a part which I have baptized as a “Mortivore”; it is someone inside me who has come back from the beyond just to drop some lines and, by doing so, immortalize its essence. Although most of the poems talk about death, they quite give you hope in the depths of despair. The whole intention of this book is to let you feel that, although you might be feeling blue, you are not all slew because there are things, like love, that cannot die; and there are also some other things that despite of death, sometimes come back to life.

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