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SYNOPSIS: Genius is an American scientist who is conditioned to the schizophrenia and accepted part of the disease for wanting to see their imaginary friends. These were the greatest geniuses of humanity as Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Chaplin, Darwin, Shakespeare, Confucius, Santos Dumont. Later, he discovers a mirror in which he believes to travel back in time to see friends so real. Is it schizophrenia or a time travel through the mirror? Discover in these dialogues on the basis of these geniuses said and they gave us. Required for all persons, regardless of their mistakes, experiences and expectations.Subject: Fiction, Self Help, Philosophy.This book is available in English version and Spanish version too in paper and ebook: Spanish Version: on YouTube: Travel, Aristotle, chaplin, charles, scientific, science, Confucius, Darwin, disease, Dumont, einstein, errors, mirror, mirrors, schizophrenia, expectations, experience, philosophy, self help, philosophy, faith , genius, geniuses, books, books, humanity, book shop, shopping, outdoor, United States, Brazil, Brazil, good, great, beautiful, beauty, nature, creativity, God, Jesus Christ, art, music, painting, Mary Magdalene, Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven, Albert Einstein, Plato, Og, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Socrates, Harry Potter, author, authors, writer, author, write, publish, publish, edit code, the Bible, the university, the universe, physics, mathematics, science, science, later, melancholy, sleep, maria, England, Manaus, Aristotle, romance, key, 7, money, dance, culture, entertainment, leisure, Ilhabela, coastal island, God, Island cruise, no teacher, counselor, teachers, success, interview, the sculptor, the statement memorable, unique, astronomy, engineering, America, thought, reason, religion, Saints, Shakespeare, time, Vinci, college, Buddhism, meditation, meditation, group, group, stars, stars, stars, immortal, immortal, weeks, the numbers, astrology, network, internet, web, connection, city, country, Manaus, Amazonas, plaster, therapy, actor, actors, theater, drama, fiction, nonfiction, helps men, women persnalidades large, history, the common man in Africa, the subscriber, the founder, the development of theses, master's, doctorate, biology, world, YouTube, Wikipedia, wikipedia, discovery of discovery, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, the year of 2011, 2010, conversation, the priest, theology, theologian, Claudia Barbosa, Santos Dumont, airplane, aviation, business, sales, news, marketing, deceptive, psychology, psychologist, psychological, , neutral, physical metal, Benjamin Franklin, Mandino, better, better, best, video, introduction, literary analysis, literature, fiction, Mother Teresa, name, costumes, dialogues, the gods, the genius, grow , growth, mental, mentality, searching, knowledge, real, unreal, natural inventor, invention, philosophy, invention, love, love, true, true, true, history, historical, relevant approach methodical, peacemaker, the president, ebook, William Shakespeare, attraction, law of attraction, laws, law, game, games, Charles Darwin, parents, children, students, scholar, thinker, Fábio de Melo, the quantum physics

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