Guidebook of Al Andalus: A historical revision throughout the period of al-Andalus 711-1600

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As a reminder and also for the sake of accuracy andobjective questioning of what we may hear or know upon thesubject, we present an exclusive insight into the history of Al-Andalus. Through the different accounts you will be able to seehow still today, there is some mystery involved around the story ofIslam in Spain. In fact, the greatest motivation in our work is toresearch and promote an unbiased historical view. We intend tocontinue our work on this section until we have a well balancedequation and illustration of the History of Al-Andalus, though thisbooklet guide, however many pages and contrasting views thattakes!References:AsíVivieron en al-Andalus, la historia ignorada Jesús Greus.HistoriaGeneral de al-Andalus Emilio González Ferrín.LaRevolución Islámica en Occidente Ignacio Olagüe.MoorishSpain Richard Fletcher.Moorishculture in Spain Titus Buckhardt.TheArab Contribution to Islamic Art: From the Seventh to the FifteenthCenturies Wijdan, Ali. .TheStory of the Moors in Spain Lane-Pool, Stanley. Wikipedia The Free Enciclopedia. Compiledand edited by:AhmadZaruq SummersFounderand ManagerAl-AndalusExperience, tours& events in Andalucia, Spain.www.alandalus-experience.comaz@alandalus-experience.comWorkingin happy collaboration with: AbdulRahim Morad, ManagingDirectorIbnBattuta, IslamicTours www.ibnbattuta.netSpecialthanks to:AhmadGonzález, Duha Escudero, Abdennasser Nejari, Abdul Rahim Morad,Rahma Harrison, Tahira Whiteman, Munira Mendoza, Zak Whiteman, NuriaRibelles, Amina González, Nuruddin Margarit, in particular.Andto all of our supporters, partners and collaborators in Spain andaround the world. THANKYOU!

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