A historical revision throughout the period of al-Andalus, 711-1600

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Thescopeand interest of Al-Andalus is immensesince Al-Andaluswas in fact the first monarchic democracy to be established inEurope,in the IXthCentury.Asa foundation stone of Europe and the modern world,we should try tocome close to Al-Andalus,learn more about it. We might find clues about our world, how to livein it better and avoid falling into the same mistakes. Thisis whatAl-AndalusExperience is about, for you to get beyond the veils of your dailylife and step into the true lands of Al-Andalusthrough it's generous heritage which can most be witnessed in Cordobaand Granadaprovinces. Ahmad Zaruq SummersFounder and ManagerAl-Andalus Experiencewww.alandalus-experience.com

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