UNIVERSAL MENTALITY, Crist Carter, Ingles A book,a good philosophy of life

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1.-OBJECTIVE ETHICS, OF THE WELL AND THE BAD, 2.- ON RIGHT TO THE LIFE, ABORTION, PAIN OF DEATH AND EUTHANASIA3.- ON BEAUTY, INTELLIGENCE AND VIRTUE 4.- SEXUALITY, HAPPINESS AND HUMAN RIGHTS 5.- ON THE VIRTUOUS PRINCE, THE GOOD RULER 6.- ON GOD AND THE UNIVERSE 7.- PDU; BASE OF THE UNIVERSAL DEMOCRATIC PARTYText-handed mix freely without prejudice or interference-assertive in looking at the bottom of things and forms, with highs, questions, glosses and metaphors, and transversely philosophical teachings and scientific, I learned from great teachers and specialists, from classic, traditional, political, mathematical, religious, spiritual, and current scientific (classical philosophies, modern, religious, Buddhism, Christianity, Muslim, Reiki, yoga, psychiatry, psychology, sociology, quantum physics , right, etc.). - that wise and spiritually enlightened, and that through meditation we are given the keys and tools in education and transcendental values, pointing in the same direction and are intrinsically related concepts, which serve to grow day by day in this challenge, "the way of life."This growth path is individual responsibility and duty of everyone to achieve and reach the end of the transcendent and permanent happiness, which is necessary for each person to study, meditate be educated and permanently, in conscience and capable of relativizing thinking, questioning the why of things, of course, with higher limits on human-values, especially in emotional and social terms, since these skills are not delivered in higher education and professional qualifications, and rarely fully taught in families and in our present Western culture. Only with this understanding is achieved, forward and give new readings, scope or interpretation of life, which requires a thoughtful mind, awake, freely and openly, realizing that more is more, differently and more deeply -..." who have eyes to see, and hear with ears "-, because without that capability, there is no growth, and transcendence.Several themes momentous in the life of every person, and beyond them with an academic and intellectual order,-leaving behind the shackles of ignorance and prejudices that bind us to baseline levels, and lower early human-development, and allow us to reflect on growth path, mental, cultural, social and spiritual, and that through meditation and reflection, intellectual exercise, I think, and if you only reach maximum to open your mind and discover the great truths, great values ​​and true happiness that goes beyond material things, since they are only an appearance (notwithstanding the importance of them in daily life and a dignified life to every human being deserves ) and more related to the integrity and harmony physically, mentally, psychologically, values ​​and spirituality, love and care for yourself and others, empathy, truth, transparency, solidarity, a good connection with nature and the spiritual intelligence, especially in terms of emotional and social health, respect for life, our environment and all living things. All concepts are drawn from the great values ​​of the great philosophies and scientific studies, which are necessary to know and that everyone must go deeper, to a healthy life in permanent happiness, beyond the challenges and circumstances.

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