101 ''everyday'' tips for losing 10 pounds

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There are not many reasons anyone would like to lose some weight rapidly. The most common reason has to do with a desire just look a little better. Think about it. If you part of a wedding party, wouldn't you like to have the people around you admire how that dress makes you look? In the spring, a lot of people think about shorts or bikinis and looking good on the beach. The problem is we do not pay much attention to those few extra pounds until we need to have them gone.In this book talk about how our bodies react differently to any change in routine and making any substantial change in the way we look is a difficult and takes a long time. It should be part of a well thought out program and lose weight slowly and deliberately. The sensible thing to do is to make some small changes in your everyday diet and exercise regimens to lose the few pounds that will make you look better.

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