See Christ in your crisis.

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See Christ in your crisis is a book that will implement good factors of success to your life and that of your love ones, Today no matter what you are been into: the good news of the Gospel for you is this that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and for every Amen. Child of God this is to tell you that God have a perfect plan for your life, but you need to connect yourself to this plan of his tuning misery to success: by knowing him and the gift that is above all gift that came through is Son Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. Philippians (3:1:21) In this book it’s my joy and goal to let you know what God can do in the life of is dear Sons and daughters whom he adopt through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior by the outgiving of is love grace, wisdom knowledge and transformation power of his revolution outpouring blessing to the nations family and individuals amen. (1 John 3:1:7) Psalm (19:1:14) Psalm (67:1:7) By evangelis Osazee Osifo.

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