The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People

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This is echoed by David Niven's book, which takes the 100 Simple Secrets and backs each one up with scientific research. It is really easy to read, as he has distilled the gobbledegook into terms we can all understand, whilst providing us with the references, if we should wish to investigate further. As I read through I am noticing that there are quite a few of the things that happy people do which I do too! I am pretty pleased about that!Your attitude can affect the effectiveness of your actions. If you are half-hearted and negative about what you need to do, you are likely to be setting yourself up for failure. By choosing to approach the tasks with a can-do, positive approach, you are more likely to do a good job and move closer towards your goals. Choose to be a happy person and get on with it!Many people gain satisfaction and happiness from helping others, or from being involved in their community. What could you do to help? However, don't worry too much about being happy. We can work on the happiness, if it is something new to you. I'll be happy if you're just slightly more cheerful!

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