Project - II - Conscious and unconscious,

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In this study we show that the conscious and unconscious, this is only one, transitioning the role of clarity. This shows us the way forward, to educate these rhythms in a scientific way (demonstrable in the laboratory) to apply the methodology multiple re-educator genesis of adverse mental processes.Annotation of relevance: In psychoanalytic theory, Dr. S. Freud showed a conscious and unconscious, as if it was two different elements. In this study we show that there is only a gradual aware that depending on the degree drift to less conscious. When it is less conscious, as shown in the study, there is a predominance of slow waves, however when there is a gradual increase of being conscious causes an increased beta and gamma brain rhythm. In short: There is only one conscious and this consciousness is gradual. # 1109059998739© propiedad intelectual

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